Last Minute: Malatya Freight Train Accident 1 Dead 4 Wounded

malatya freight train accident
malatya freight train accident

Freight trains collided in Malatya: 1 dead, 4 injured. Two freight trains collided in Malatya. The search continues for a missing person in the accident in which 1 person died and 4 people were injured.

According to the information obtained, a freight train coming from Elazig to Malatya and another freight train going from Malatya to Elazig collided in the Karabağlar Locality of Hatunsuyu District of Battalgazi district of Malatya. In the accident, while the driver sections of both trains turned into a pile of iron, many ambulances and search and rescue teams were directed to the area.

In the accident, where the people of the region rushed to help, the search and rescue teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department and AFAD teams rescued İbrahim HK, EB, YG and an unknown person injured in the accident and were taken to hospitals by ambulances waiting at the scene, while the lifeless body of a railway worker named MK was found. . It was learned that M. U, who was on the train in the accident, could not be found yet and was sought in the region by the teams.

After the collision of two freight trains, which are learned to carry mineral and solid oil, the construction machines also participate in the works on the scene. In the search studies in which a large number of teams participated, it was also evaluated that the lost officer might have been under the wreckage of the train and it was stated that the works were shifted in this direction.

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