ISPARK's Smart Bicycles Started to Service İsbike Again

the transport and logistics sector needs digitalization
the transport and logistics sector needs digitalization

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has taken measures at many transportation points where it serves Istanbul residents in order to prevent the spread of the global epidemic Coronavirus; some of its services were temporarily shut down. ISBIKE Smart Bicycle stops operated by ISPARK, which is one of the measures taken by IMM and closed to operation temporarily, will start to serve bicycle lovers again.

As part of the new normalization process, with the decision taken by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İSPARK will put the smart bicycles that it runs throughout the city back to the service of the citizens on Monday, June 1. Drivers will be able to rent bicycles by taking their own personal health measures.

Important Warning for Bicycle Lovers from İSPARK!

İSPARK will constantly alert citizens to take health precautions and comply with the rules, especially during the summer period, by noting that the drivers show great interest and the usage times are constantly increasing. İSPARK will clean and disinfect kiosks and bicycles at the smart bicycle stops that it serves throughout the city by daily cleaning with its own team.

In addition, drivers will be warned to take personal precautions in rental screens and smart mobile application. Citizens will be constantly alerted to disinfect their hands before and after driving.

Stimulating messages such as “Don't forget to wash your hands” and “Maintain social distance” will be shared with the slogan “Turn a Healthy Pedal to a Healthy Life” on digital screens.

İSPARK serves with a total of 48 stations and 96 bicycles, 144 ​​on the Anatolian side and 1500 on the European side. Smart bikes from İSBİKE can be easily rented through the mobile application.

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