Sea Transportation in Kocaeli Starts Again with Summer Tariff

sea ​​transportation services in Kocaeli restarts with summer schedule
sea ​​transportation services in Kocaeli restarts with summer schedule

The ferry services, which are partially suspended due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, are resuming due to the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. Summer flights schedule for 15 will be applied for the flights that will start from Monday, June 2020, 2020.


Turkey due to the effects of a coronavirus outbreak of a portion from 21 March discontinued marine transportation, begins again to full time. After a long break, the flights will restart on Monday, June 15, 2020, at 06.00:XNUMX.


Together with the new flights, 4 lines will serve by making 90 flights. Along with the trips, the 2020 summer timetable will be applied. With the new voyages, extensive security measures were taken due to the coronavirus outbreak in maritime transport. At the beginning of the measures, the use of masks, hygiene rules and social distance come to the fore.



With the start of the flights, disinfectant operations will be carried out regularly on passenger boats, passenger engines and piers. Hygiene will not be left in the sea transportation. It was redesigned considering the social distance rules in the seating arrangement of the passengers. Citizens will be enabled to travel according to this order. Unmasked journeys will not be allowed during the expeditions.



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