Sea Eggplant Hunting Has Ended

Sea Eggplant Hunting Ended
Sea Eggplant Hunting Ended

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, said that Turkey, which is one of the most important export items of sea cucumber in the hunting season ends.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that the hunting season, which started on 1 January in sea eggplant, which is fed by filtering sand and mud on the sea floor and is important for the marine ecosystem, has ended on 1 June.

Turkey's clean sea waters healthy and sea cucumber that grows naturally as quality especially important to keep the kitchen China and domestic consumption used an expression that Pakdemirli, Izmir sewn of sea cucumber harvesting, he said fountain and Balikesir held between Ayvalık district.


Expressing the increase in poaching due to foreign demand, Pakdemirli said that they brought a quota system and that they finished poaching in the past years thanks to the effective supervision they carried out with the Coast Guard Command and the sea police.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that they have allowed a total of 230 tons of sea eggplant fishing for 2500 fishing vessels within the scope of the quota.

Indicating that the hunting season ends on June 1, Pakdemirli said that 2084 tons of sea eggplants, which were hunted, were processed in factories and exported to Far East countries, primarily China and South Korea.

Ministers Pakdemirli, that Turkey annually exports $ 30 million worth of sea cucumber was added.

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