Vaccine Scientific Board Held Its First Meeting With Russian Side

Rebel Science Board
Rebel Science Board

Turkey Ministry of Health Directorate Institutes of Health (TÜSEB) Vaccine Science Committee held its first meeting with Russian scientists to collaborate on vaccine development Covidien-19.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca and his Russian counterpart, Dr. During the meeting between Mikhail Murashko on Tuesday, a joint study decision was taken on vaccine development and drug production. Scientists from the two countries held their first meetings using videoconferencing.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Chairman of the Russian Federation Virology and Biotechnology Center (VECTOR) and officials attended the meeting, chaired by Emine Alp Oak. The ongoing scientific studies on Covid-19 vaccine production were discussed during the meeting.

Deputy Minister Oak, gave information about the ongoing Covidien-19 vaccine studies in Turkey and stressed the importance of increasing cooperation. The Russian side made two different presentations about the point reached in Covid-19 vaccination studies in the country and other vaccination studies.

During the meeting, a consensus was reached between TÜSEB and VECTOR on signing an agreement on health cooperation, especially vaccination studies. It was decided that the delegations will meet again next week.

Covidien TÜSEB in Turkey and TÜBİTAK funded 13 different projects in progress and 19-4 vaccine in animal experiments has come to center stage. In Russia, clinical studies will begin soon. The two countries will carry out the work together at this stage.



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