Pakistan's First MILGEM Corvette Sled

pakistan's first round corset
pakistan's first round corset

PN MİLGEM is the second important step of shipbuilding activities. The Ship Spine Sledding Ceremony ”was held on Wednesday, June 2 at the Istanbul Shipyard Command.

Asphaltene General Manager Assad Akgun, TGM General Manager Emre Dincer, Istanbul Shipyard Commander Rear Admiral Recep Erdinc Authority and Pakistan CNO Turkey from Admiral Syed Rizwan Khalid's involvement with placed memories money under the block according to the shipbuilding tradition in the ceremony.

In the delivery ceremony of the TCG Kınalıada, which was held on 29 September 2019 at the Istanbul Shipyard Command, to the Turkish Naval Forces Command; Pakistan Navy will be produced in Turkey, the first of two corvettes "Pakistan MILGEM Corvette Project 1st Marine Sheet Cutting Ceremony" was held.

Under the agreement signed in September 2018, Pakistan will supply four ships. Two of the ships will be built in Istanbul Shipyard Commandership, and two of them will be built in Karachi, Pakistan. In the first place, a corvette to be built in Istanbul and Karachi will join the Pakistan Navy inventory in 2023. The other 2 ships will enter the inventory in 2024. The production process will take 54 months on the first ship, 60 months on the second ship, 66 months on the third ship, and 72 months on the last ship.

Pakistan MILGEM Project Karina-Mounted Sonar System Contract Signed

Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc. (ASFAT) and Meteksan Defense signed the Karina-Mounted Sonar System Agreement within the scope of the Pakistan MILGEM Project on 31 July.

YAKAMOS Karina-Mounted Sonar System, successfully operating in the world seas as the son of our ADA class corvettes developed and built as a part of the MİLGEM project, was chosen as the sonar system of 4 corvettes to be built within the scope of the Pakistan MİLGEM Project.

The YAKAMOS Karina-Mounted Sonar System is used to detect and track submarine, torpedoes and other underwater targets / threats, especially on surface ship platforms such as corvettes and frigates; It is also one of the most important sensors of the MİLGEM ship with Submarine Defense War (DSH) Corvette. With this agreement, Turkey has taken its place among the few countries able to export ASW sonar.

The Pakistani MILGEM Project signed between ASFAT and Meteksan Defense, the YAKAMOS Karina-Mounted Sonar System, which will be supplied by the Karina-Mounted Sonar System Contract, is designed nationally and produced locally, with all the critical technology up to the lowest level ceramic materials. YAKAMOS Karina-Mounted Sonar System will be included in the inventory of the friendly country Pakistan Navy for the first time, in addition to the Navy inventory.

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