50% Passenger Carriage Limitation Removed in Ordu

Percentage of passenger transportation in the army has been removed
Percentage of passenger transportation in the army has been removed

Within the scope of the circular sent by the Ministry of Interior to 81 provincial governorships, 50 percent passenger transportation restrictions in public transportation vehicles were lifted.

According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, the circular sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs removed the restriction of transporting passengers up to 50 percent of the capacity included in the vehicle license in public transportation vehicles, but it is strictly forbidden to board vehicles without a mask.


In a statement made by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department; “As of June 19, the measures taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the scope of Covid-1 outbreak measures. As of June 1, in which rate / number of measures to be taken for urban transportation (minibuses, minibuses, public buses, municipal buses and others), in accordance with the safe distance rules in public transportation vehicles (metro, metrobus, gusset buses etc.) It has been decided that the availability of standing passengers will be determined in accordance with the decisions to be taken and the rules to be taken by the provincial and district Hygiene Boards. On the other hand, our citizens should definitely wear masks in public transport ”.


The entire circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is as follows: “From the moment of the coronavirus outbreak, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee, in line with the instructions of our President; / In order to keep the spread rate of the contamination under control, many measures were taken and implemented.

Attention (a) With our circular, 50% of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license in all urban public transportation vehicles will be accepted and the way of seating of the passengers in the vehicle will prevent the contact of the passengers. Our Governorships were instructed to be subject to the rule.

At the current stage, a controlled social life process was initiated and the measures to be taken by the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Board in Annex 1 regarding the “Urban Transportation Vehicles (Minibuses, Dolmies, Public Buses, City Buses and Others)”, Annex 2 “Personnel Service Guidelines on intercity and intercity passenger transportation have been published under the name of “Precautions to Be Taken with Their Vehicles” and “Precautions Related to Road Transport, Railway Transport, Seaway Passenger Transport” in Annex 3. ”

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