Online Sales Period in Second Hand Vehicle Trade

online sales period in used car trade
online sales period in used car trade

While the buying habits have changed due to the timelessness that has become the problem of the Modern World, the COVID-19 epidemic that shook the whole world and spread to all countries rapidly increased the interest in online shopping. The automotive industry was one of the sectors where online shopping increased the most. Second-hand online vehicle sales in the first four months of 2020 increased by 3 percent compared to the same period of last year and reached 581 thousand 879 units. In this period when the sales of used cars increased, the appraisals also aim to keep up with the changing buying habits by switching to the online appointment system.

TÜV SÜD D-Expert Assistant General Manager Ozan Ayözger stated that with the end of the epidemic, 9% of the audience who have never done online shopping started shopping online. We can easily say that the websites and applications that we are accustomed to using in this period and that the price is easier to compare and that also saves us time, '' he said.

In line with all these developments, Ayözger pointed out that, like many sectors, the used vehicle sector has made significant progress in digitization. In addition, the contraction in the zero km automobile market due to rising exchange rates and taxes also increases the number of companies interested in second-hand vehicle trade on online platforms. It is also necessary to mention the online bidding and sales platforms that have an important share in this increase. The consumer who quickly adapts to the digitization process; The question marks in his mind are completely eliminated when purchasing second hand vehicles thanks to the rapidly increasing number of professional and reliable online sales platforms. ”

While trust and transparency are among the most important factors in purchasing second-hand vehicles, as in all sectors, it becomes an indispensable factor when shopping online.

Ayözger, evaluating the effects of online sales and bidding portals in the used car industry, said: “The most important factor that makes the online sales and bidding portals more reliable and ensures their transparency is the used vehicle appraisal report published in these portals. Thanks to this report, the consumer has the opportunity to examine the current state of the vehicle in full detail, saving time. ''

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