Hygiene Teams at Work in Next Level AVM

hygiene teams at work in next level shopping mall
hygiene teams at work in next level shopping mall

Next Level Shopping Center offers a safe and comfortable shopping environment to its visitors with “hygiene teams”

Preparations for the new normalization process in Ankara's Next Level Shopping Center, which is shown as an example in terms of hygiene and safety, were initiated long beforehand, and all measures were taken at the highest level. In addition to the XNUMX% clean air application, hygienic teams work continuously for safe shopping.

The shopping center, which limits its services with the pandemic experienced all over the world, meets the needs of its visitors in a safe and comfortable environment with the start of the new normalization process, with its many stores and brands.

Measures at a high level

According to the information given by the management of the shopping center, the following measures were prioritized within the framework of the road map prepared for the hygiene safety and comfort of the visitors, where they can shop easily:

“As of June 1, a new normal life was launched in our country. In this process, we disinfect our center with health-friendly products to host our visitors as clean and safe as they are at home. We have taken all of our precautions at the highest level to spend this period in the best way and to create a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for both our employees and visitors. Within the scope of these measures, maximum precautions have been achieved with applications for visitor entries, personnel entries and goods acceptance entries. Although the social distance rule and hygiene and disinfection studies continue in common areas, social distance warnings and hygiene measures are maintained at the highest level in the rest areas. ”

Even the smallest spots are cleaned

In the shopping center, where 24-hour ventilation and hundred percent fresh air are provided, the entrances are not allowed after the body temperature control, and without a mask, entrance is required. Within the scope of increased general hygiene studies, general areas, elevators, escalators, metal furniture stands, X-ray devices are disinfected continuously and even the smallest spots are cleaned. In addition to disinfecting toilets very frequently, arrangements are made for contactless use, and maximum hygiene is provided by the use of single-use towels with sensor applications.

Many brands opened their doors again

Numerous brands and stores started to meet the needs of visitors in a comfortable and safe environment at Next Level shopping center, which applies the 2-meter social distance rule and where hygiene teams are constantly on duty. Some of these are Big Chef's, Timboo, Godiva, Gürgençler, Sport Works, B & GStore, Sele, Özsüt, Ramsey, Watsons, Toyzz Shop, Notebook, D&R, Societa, Sunglass Hut, LCW, Under Armor, Intimissimi, İpekyol, Penti, Starbucks, Yargıcı, YvesRosher, Paris Hairdresser, Utopian, Vetrina, BorisDiamond, Piedra, Locitane, Uğurlu, Beige, Pandora, Sevil, Network, Leather, Diesel, Nautica, Lacoste, Victoria'sSecret, Bagel Sarayı, Rolex, Rue, Guess, Samsung, Dila Sima, Göz Grup, MudoConcept, ADL, GloriaJenas, Extreme Mini PartyStore, Macro Center, Tobacco Shop, Pharmacy, Setur, Lostra, Ada Tailor, Dry Cleaning, GSM Park, Mecass Floristry, Hacıbaba Dried Nuts, Ziraat Sanat, Burger King ...

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