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📩 13/10/2023 11:24

We felt that there was something missing for those interested in martial arts for years. We were wondering what it would be like to open an elite gym for athletes who had a passion for these sports. We are committed to ourselves to provide a better experience for everyone. We know that dealing with combat sports is the best exercise method in the world. This is a controversial issue. So much more you work in these sports, the more efficiency you will get.


DIFFICULT PROCESSES are our way of life. When you enter an irreversible process, you wish to be part of the team. In the ring and outside; you will feel stronger, faster, smarter and start your day more energetically. We want you to enter the gym with excitement and go out feeling great. In a mental sense, you will feel confident, focused and under control. We assure you that you will have a mind that does not submit to any difficulties you encounter. We promise you two things - challenging exercises and visible change that progress with an increasing momentum.

It can be very scary, especially if you have never dealt with martial sports before. If you want to learn what branch you want, we want to teach it in all aspects. First of all, there is no situation that will require you to take a coup, we already take it for you. Secondly, this will be the coolest gym you've ever been. It's actually a gym like a neighborhood where you grew up. We make sure everyone knows all the students. They can face the next round as opponents.

I daghansagla
I daghansagla

You may notice that many things in your life have changed thanks to these sports. In addition to learning to defend yourself, there are functional exercises - crossfit - triathlon - station etc. that I have done. With the trainings, I provide you with a significant increase in your fitness and strength, tightening of your body, getting rid of your excess weight, muscle gain and more. In short, you will realize that you have regained your health and gotten rid of your stresses, if any. As Dağhan Sağlam, I do not only aim to teach you how to defend yourself, I aim to affect your entire life.

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