Minister Varank Introduced Covid-19 Native Diagnosis Kit for the First Time

minister introduces varank covid domestic diagnostic kit for the first time
minister introduces varank covid domestic diagnostic kit for the first time

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank introduced the domestic diagnostic kit for the first time. Stating that Türklab, which produces antibody tests, can sell test kits to all parts of the world, Minister Varank said, “We will support a new project of this company from TÜBİTAK. We also have new projects on local diagnostic kits. ” said.

Pointing out that the local synthesis of the two drugs used in the treatment of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) will be completed this month, Varank said, “There will be good news about the drug this month.” used the expression.

Ministers Varank, Tvnet on television, describing the breakthrough technology made by Turkey in recent years, evaluated the agenda. Introducing the local diagnostic kit for the first time, Varank said in his speech:

NATIONAL SPACE PROGRAM: Turkey recently have established the Space Agency. Turkey's 20-year dream. We will determine Turkey's national space program, according to our own ability. We'll be in a position to carry out the Turkey progress in this area.

THE FINAL INSTALLATION OF IMECE: We made the final assembly of Imece satellite with our minister friends. Imece is a ground observation satellite. These satellites, Turkey will be the first satellite in the local and national six-meter resolution. It is very strategic for countries to have their own observation satellites. Imece will also bring us very important talents.

A PROUDY PROJECT: The flight computer is completely domestic and national. Most importantly, it has a high resolution camera. It is a high-resolution camera developed in the Optical Research Center that we opened with our President in our country. At high radiation, it will work from minus 150 to plus 150 degrees. When the tests are successful, we will launch our own local and national observation satellite into space in 2021. An important capability for civil and military use. Exciting, proud project.

ROCKET WORKS: Rocket works on the access point to space. Our activities regarding ground stations continue. Turkey Space Agency space with our ambitious goals of our program, Mr. President will share with Turkey.

SUPPORT TO DOMESTIC GAME: Entrepreneurship is a title that we take as a ministry with our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy. Entrepreneurship activities lead economies all over the world. As you know, the domestic game PEAK company was sold for $ 1.8 billion. With this change of hand, the attention of the public became entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is funded with public level of 90 percent in Turkey.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP HANDBOOK OF KOSGEB: We give our support to those who want to invent, to put an idea in the bone. KOSGEB supports entrepreneurship in Turkey. This is not just a money-making business. Mentoring, traveling, you have to do it. Here we also use the Entrepreneurship Handbook of KOSGEB on the online training platform. It is a very successful book. We also put it on our website. Anyone can read this.

NEW FUND: (Peak Games) When you look at the partners since the establishment of that company, you see that they have foreign partners. The mutual fund abroad sees the value of this company and invests in it. If all were Turkish investors, Turkish investors would have obtained the added value created there. Foreign investors also benefit from the prosperity here. Studies on this are continuing. Work on the establishment of new funds continues with the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

SUCCESS STORY: Domestic and national intensive care respirators are exported all over the world. Part of it is a grant. Such as Somalia, Chad, Brazil, Niger, Libya. National breathing apparatus is a success story for us. We have put these devices into mass production. We will not need any other foreign supply in the production of this device. Production capacity is very high. 300 pieces are produced daily from these devices.

LOCAL DIAGNOSTIC KIT PRODUCTION: Türklab is a company that successfully produces antibody tests. So I wanted to bring their test here. This is a company that can sell test kits to all parts of the world. We held a diagnostic kits conference with TÜBİTAK. We will support from TÜBİTAK for a new project of this company. I wanted to share this blood antibody test with the public. We also have new projects on domestic diagnostic kits.

VACCINE AND PHARMACEUTICAL STUDIES: There are 17 projects on vaccination and medicine. 8 for vaccine 9 for drug development project. Our 8 vaccine projects are continuing very successfully. There are issues to be overcome, steps to be taken. We are at the stage of animal experiments in 8 of these 4 vaccine projects. I hope we get good results.

NEW TITLE: Antibody tests are tests that detect antibodies that occur if your body has survived this disease. Screening tests are carried out all over the world through antibody tests. There will be good news about the drug this month. These drugs are already used in the treatment of the disease. We will develop their local syntheses.

PRODUCTION FROM ACTIVE AND ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: What does domestic synthesis mean? You can develop drugs in a very different way. You can bring the active substance from abroad, pack it here and turn it into medicine. You can also consider this as a domestic medicine. However, you remain dependent on the active substance and the active substance abroad. We will not pack this active substance in the projects we have developed here as a synthesis. We will synthesize the active substance of these drugs with our scientists in our country, and we will produce these drugs from the active substance and the active substance.

LOCAL SYNTHESIS: We will have completed the domestic synthesis of the drugs, which are currently used in Covid-19 treatment, which our health minister has mentioned several times, in this month. In the projects we developed as a local synthesis, we will synthesize this active substance and we will produce our medicines from there. This month, we will complete the domestic synthesis related to our 2 drugs, used in Covid-19 treatment.

TURKEY'S AUTOMOBILE: The EIA report has been concluded positively. Our President had published the incentive decree for this project. We prepared the incentive certificate and gave it to them. They make preparations for laying the foundation. According to a suitable calendar, the groundbreaking will take place shortly. We do not expect large sags about the targeted times.



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