Minister Pekcan Announces Product Safety Audit Results

minister Pekcan announced product safety audit results
minister Pekcan announced product safety audit results

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that within the scope of the market surveillance and supervision (PGD) activities carried out in the first quarter of the year, 35 batch products were inspected and said, “370 thousand 2 of them were found inappropriate and 798 unsafe. A total of 525 million pounds was imposed on these products. ” used expressions.

Pekcan, in a written statement, gave information about inspection activities within the scope of product safety. Emphasizing that the inspections carried out to ensure that the products placed on the market do not contain any threats to human health, life and property safety, animal, plant life and health, environment and consumer, and carry safety requirements, Pekcan continued to carry out product safety inspections both at the import stage and after the market. He stated that it was carried out in the market without distinguishing domestic and imported products.

Pekcan reminded that with the "Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law" published in March, they have implemented a very important regulation that will effectively protect the citizen against unsafe products.

Pointing out that they brought a “traceability mechanism” in order to reach the main responsible of the unsafe product with this law, Pekcan stated that from now on, the product will be kept in every stage of the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer, so that the main responsible of the unsafe product will be reached much faster.

Drawing attention to the fact that product safety audits in foreign trade and market surveillance and control for the domestic market are carried out by 9 public institutions under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, Pekcan said, “In the first quarter of this year, 35 thousand 370 parties are inspected within the framework of market surveillance activities. Found 2 unsafe. A total of 798 million pounds was imposed on these products. ” shared his knowledge.

 Inspections for imported products

Pekcan reminded that the producers were subject to inspections on the basis of risk on the basis of risk, in order to ensure that the producers are not exposed to unfair competition of poor quality and insecure imported products, and to protect the life and property safety of citizens, “In this period, 1 billion 300 thousand imported products were inspected, 6 million imported products were not allowed to enter the country. ” found the assessment.

Minister Pekcan noted that toys, medical devices, foodstuffs and food contact materials and materials, electrical equipment, cosmetics, building materials, consumer products and radio / telecommunications terminal equipment are among the main product groups in which distrust is detected in domestic and imported products.

 Cooperation between ministries and institutions responsible for auditing

According to the information received from the Ministry of Commerce, the inspections carried out, increasing the welfare level of the society due to the use of safe products, especially human health, ensuring the safety of life and property, the entry of Turkish export products to foreign markets without technical obstacles, prudent enterprises, from unfair competition caused by unsafe products. It serves very important purposes such as protection.

Cooperation and coordination between the executive institutions performing the PGD activity is ensured through the Market Surveillance, Audit and Product Safety Evaluation Board, which is gathered to determine the measures to be taken with basic targets and strategies for an effective PGD and to make high level decisions.

The importance of a strong cooperation and coordination mechanism kazanThe Ministry of Commerce acts as the coordinating institution in the audit system.

PGD ​​activity is carried out by 9 public institutions within the scope of their duties under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection.

In this context, electronic equipment such as television, hair dryer, equipment such as protective mask used in the life of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, medical devices, cosmetic products Ministry of Health, food products Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, mobile phones Information Technologies and is in the area of ​​responsibility of the Communications Authority.

Inspection of consumer products such as toys, ready-to-wear, textiles and shoes is carried out by the Ministry of Trade.

each month by the Ministry of Commerce, 3 months and PGD reports published each year these activities it is considered stage reached in Turkey, problematic areas and put forward suggestions for the solution of this problem.

These suggestions are also handled within the scope of the National PGD Strategies prepared to date to make PGD activities more effective, efficient and functional.

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