Air Conditioners Are Not Operated In Public Transport Vehicles In Mersin

Air conditioners are not operated on buses within the scope of coronavirus measures in Mersin.
Air conditioners are not operated on buses within the scope of coronavirus measures in Mersin.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which took every precaution during the intense period of the coronavirus epidemic, does not leave the measure in the new normalization period. Metropolitan Municipality, which prioritizes public health in its services, does not operate air conditioners in buses to minimize the danger of coronavirus, even in the summer months.

Using the air conditioner may trigger the spread of the virus

Within the scope of the measures taken by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and the Disability and Health Services Department, air conditioners are not operated in public transportation vehicles in order to prevent the spread of the virus via air conditioning.

Metropolitan Municipality, which does not take the precaution over the danger that air conditioner use may be a factor in the spread of the virus, tries to keep the air inside clean by means of natural ventilation instead of air conditioner.

Serhat Kandemir, a doctor in the Department of Disabled and Health Services, who warns Mersin residents about the need to keep the windows open, emphasized that citizens should not insist on the opening of air conditioners.

“Our air conditioners operate with indoor air”

Doctor Serhat Kandemir, who stated that air conditioners are not hygienic because they distribute the existing air in the environment, stated that every measure has been taken in public transportation vehicles as Metropolitan Municipality since the coronavirus epidemic started. Stating that one of the new measures is not to operate air conditioners in public transportation vehicles, Kandemir informed Mersin residents about why air conditioners did not open in public transportation buses despite the warming of the air. Doctor Kandemir said, “I am sure that our citizens who use public transportation have questions about why air conditioners are not working. Our air conditioners are air conditioners working with indoor air. So it sucks the air inside and blows it in again after passing through a certain system. If a person carrying a disease is traveling in our vehicle, when the particle that is blown from the air by the droplet infection is absorbed and sprayed back into the bus, that virus can cover the entire bus and increase the chance of infecting all citizens traveling on our bus. "It can be very difficult to travel in any car without air conditioner, even in the car, but we will be more sensitive to certain things in this process."

Kandemir emphasized that citizens traveling in public transportation should be careful not to speak loudly and shouting while talking, as the virus is transmitted by droplets, and said the following regarding the new normalization process that has been introduced since June 1, 2020:

“But this normalization will not be like 3-4 months ago, ie before Corona. We will definitely pay more attention to the mask, distance and hygiene. All institutions of our state, all employees have reached this level in great effort. Our country is surviving very cheaply and Mersin is also in a very good place with very low results and low mortality rates, with the efforts of all of us. So let's not shadow this success. Of course, the greatest share in achieving this success is our valuable citizens who comply with these rules and practices. ”

“We will travel with the windows open”

Doctor Kandemir stated that the citizens should not allow a second fluctuation with the measures they will take and that it is healthier to cool the inside by keeping the windows open, one of the natural ventilation methods, open during this period. Kandemir said, “Let's not consider this normalization completely 4 months ago, before the Corona. Let's continue wearing masks, 1,5-2 meters of physical distance, and hygiene absolutely. There are small windows on almost all windows except doors. We will travel with these open, so that we can at least provide coolness inside, let's complete this journey with fresh and clean air from the outside. At this point, we expect a little more sacrifice and a little more patience than you, our esteemed citizens. ”



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