Maskematics will serve for Wage

mascemics are now paid
mascemics are now paid

Maskematics, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has put into service in order to facilitate public access to the mask during the pandemic process and has distributed nearly 5 million masks so far, will provide service for a fee starting next week. After the arrangement to be made within the scope of the normalization process, the five-mask package can be purchased with İzmirim Card (equivalent to 1 full boarding) for 3,56 TL.

Facilitating public access to the mask during the challenging pandemic process, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continued to distribute free of charge, despite the decision of the central government that released the mask sale last month, and until today, it has distributed almost 5 million masks only through Maskematics. Since the beginning of April at the Izmir Metro stations, Maskematics, which have provided free mask distribution to passengers with İzmirim Card, is also transitioning to the period called “new normal” starting next week. Metropolitan Municipality will continue to serve through Maskametik for a low fee with the idea that the need for the mask will continue.

5 packs for a full boarding price

With the new arrangement to be made next week, packages consisting of five masks can be purchased with İzmirim Card for 1 full boarding fee (3,56 TL), without time limit.

For this purpose, necessary technical assembly, software and editing works will be done in Maskematics. In this process, there will be temporary interruptions in Maskematics. As of Monday, the technical work at Maskematics will be completed within the week and Maskematics will continue to serve with the new arrangement.



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