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📩 13/10/2023 11:22

We know how passionate reading is. The books provide us with information on many subjects, but also offer experience. Book Valley, which is a platform where all the book lovers who travel around in the magical world of books can easily reach every category of books they search for, continues to add new ones to their books covering a wide range day by day.

In Book Valley, you can sometimes take a mysterious journey in history, sometimes have incredible adventures and sometimes witness the dance of art with words. Because the possibilities and emotions that books offer us are endless. Each book has traces from the world of its author, the conditions and events of the time it was written.

For Those Who Cannot Give Up Classics: Classics of Turkish and World Literature

Classic books continue to leave different traces on readers of every period. You can witness many stories and events from past to present in the Book Valley, where you have the opportunity to access a wide range of books, from classics of Turkish literature such as İntibah, İnce Memed, Tutunamayanlar to important works of world literature such as Crime and Punishment, Les Misérables, and Lily of the Valley, which have reached large audiences around the world.

Some Like to Stay Up to Date: Newly Released Books

New books are added to the books that must be read in the world every day. Discovering new books and reading different types of books opens up different horizons for you. The works written by the most beloved writers, the first books of young writers or the books that you have been waiting for a long time to be on the shelves are waiting for you in the Book Valley “New Releases” category.

Worldwide Most Wanted Books: Best Sellers

Some books may be the star of the period in which they were written. There may be books that you see in everyone's hands for a period and whose subject is constantly circulating in languages. If you want to read the books that are on the agenda and come up frequently, you can browse our “Best Sellers” category.

Study Time: Exam Preparation

You can find books that will contribute to your learning in the fastest way, help you practice a lot and make the learning process more enjoyable in our "Exam - Preparation" category. Although the preparation for the exam is a difficult process, you can make it fun by studying regularly and developing different learning methods through different sources.

A Colorful World: Stationery

One of the greatest helpers of book lovers is stationery. From assorted pencils to beautifully designed notebooks; How about opening the doors of a colorful world with our “Stationery” category, which has a wide range of products from tools and equipment to bags that you may need while studying.

Book Valley With the difference, every book you want is ready to come home. We wish you a day when you learn new things and have pleasant readings.

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