Kars Dam, One of the Biggest Investments of Kars, is Put into Service

The opposite dam, which is one of the biggest investments, is being put into service
The opposite dam, which is one of the biggest investments, is being put into service

Kars Dam, one of Kars' biggest public investments, is a subsidiary of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with a video conference and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. With the participation of Bekir Pakdemirli personally from the dam, it will be put into service today.

With the commissioning of the dam, 475 thousand 780 decares of agricultural land will reach the water and 10 million kWh of hydraulic energy will be produced.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry made a statement on the subject. Bekir Pakdemirli said that the Kars Dam is one of the biggest projects of the region, anticipated with longing.


Emphasizing that the dam is important in terms of energy production, agricultural irrigation and employment, Pakdemirli said:

“With the water to be stored in the reservoir of Kars Dam, a total of 260 thousand 30 decares of agricultural land belonging to 215 villages, including 750 thousand 44 decares in Kars Plain, 475 thousand 780 decares in Digor plain, will reach the water.

With the completion of the dam, irrigation and energy facilities that cost 300 million lira, it will cover its cost in almost a year. Thus, irrigation benefits of 1 million TL will be obtained at 2020 prices. Agricultural employment opportunities will be provided to 296 thousand 7 people.

The dam will also generate 2,24 million kWh of energy annually with the Skirt power plant with an installed power of 10 MW. An annual total of about 2,8 million lira will contribute to our economy, including 300 million lira of energy. ”


Expressing that Kars Dam will be one of the important recreation and recreation areas of the city due to its proximity to the city center, Pakdemirli said that it is planned to provide additional income to the local people by developing fishery activities in the dam lake.

Minister Pakdemirli also stated that thanks to the dam, the risk of flooding will be prevented by reducing the flood risk of 2 million 383 thousand decares of land and settlements located on the edge of Kars Stream.

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