Public Transportation is Free for Students Taking LGS Exam in Karaman

mass transportation to students who will take lgs exam in karaman free
mass transportation to students who will take lgs exam in karaman free

Students and officials who will take the exam within the scope of the Transition to High Schools (LGS) will be able to benefit from Karaman Municipality Public Buses free of charge.

Municipal public buses will be free of charge for students and all examiners who will take the exam on Saturday, June 20, 2020. It will be enough for the students and the examiners to show the exam entry or official documents to the drivers.

“Buses are disinfected from start to finish”

Karaman Municipality continues its routine disinfection activities, while continuing its preparations for LGS, which will take place on Saturday. Teams, students and staff disinfect buses from start to finish at certain times.

“President Kalaycı Wished All Students Success”

Mayor of Karaman Savaş Kalaycı wishes success to all 8th grade students who will attend the exam that will take place on the weekend: “With this exam, our children will finish the middle school and hopefully enter the high school they target. I wish success to all of our students and I hope that their efforts to date will enter their high schools and lead their happiness. May Allah help you. ”

Günceleme: 19/06/2020 17:38

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