The Plans of Yenişehir under Kanal Istanbul: Revised: TMMOB Is Suing

The plans of the new city within the scope of the channel Istanbul have been revised.
The plans of the new city within the scope of the channel Istanbul have been revised.

Press release was made by TMMOB Chairman Emin Koramaz regarding the amendment made on June 1, 100.000 in the "European Side Reserve Building Area 26 / 2020 scaled Environmental Plan" prepared within the scope of Kanal Istanbul Project.


Despite the intense objections of large sections of society, especially those living in Istanbul, Kanal Istanbul Project continues to progress. Within the scope of the project, which attracted great response with its tenders during the quarantine period, the Amendment of the Environmental Plan for “Yenişehir” to be installed in the agricultural areas around the channel was suspended on 26 June 2020.

Unfortunately, almost none of the objections have taken into account the amendments made to the intense objections to the "European Side Reserve Building Area 23 / 2019 scale Environmental Plan" approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The basis of our objections to the Environmental Plan, dated December 23, 2019, as TMMOB and its related components, was the basis that the project in question was against urbanism principles and the public interest. Any correction and renewal made by ignoring our objections to the project's essence will not make the project more viable.

As a matter of fact, it is seen in the first examinations that we made that the changes made, the threats created by the project were not eliminated and, on the contrary, new destructive, transformative additional provisions were introduced that set the details of the destruction into the rules. In the newly published amendment, an additional bridge / crossing on the canal project, the change of the perimeter of these bridge-crossing areas as a special project area, and changes in the coastal area of ​​the canal towards the Black Sea connection area. Each of these changes creates new environmental and urban risks.

As TMMOB, we will carefully present the necessary objections for this plan change and present our objections and restart the legal process with the lawsuit we will file.

Once again, we would like to point out that the Kanal Istanbul Project, which aims to create urban rent areas for its adherents and international capital, is a large-scale ecological destruction and destruction project. With this project, wetlands, water-marine systems, agricultural areas, pasture areas, forest areas, flora and fauna, sensitive ecological values ​​and relationships, climate characteristics of the region are under threat of destruction. We will continue our struggle against Kanal Istanbul Project, which is against the requirements of science and reason, the health of nature and humanity, all kinds of legal legislation and public interest.

Günceleme: 30/06/2020 12:41

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