Renewal of Izmit and Kandira Roads Tender Result

The renewal of izmit and kandira roads as a result of the tender
The renewal of izmit and kandira roads as a result of the tender

📩 23/04/2023 16:29

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which will take advantage of the low traffic density during the Covid-19 virus epidemic, accelerated its road repair and maintenance works, and will continue its work in this context. In this direction, a tender was made for the pavement asphalt patch works in order to make the roads in Izmit and Kandıra districts more comfortable.

Providing the roads to be more modern and comfortable in all districts of Kocaeli, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will continue its efforts without slowing down in 2020 while continuing to fight the virus epidemic. The Metropolitan Municipality went on to tender for the maintenance, repair and renewal of the roads in the districts of Izmit and Kandira. It is aimed to make the required roads more comfortable with the works that will continue throughout the year.


2020 companies submitted bids for the tender held within the scope of 17 road maintenance, repair and renovation works. While Hasanoğlu İnşaat made the highest bid with 3 million 332 thousand TL in the tender, Gündoğan İnşaat presented the lowest bid with 2 million 89 thousand 800 TL.

  • GÜNDOĞAN CONSTRUCTION 2 million 089 thousand 800 TL
  • KARACAYOL CONSTRUCTION 2 million 277 thousand 500 TL
  • IVME ENGINEERING 2 million 488 thousand 500 TL
  • TEMIR ENGINEERING 2 million 577 thousand 500 TL
  • SNOW ASPHALT ROAD 2 million 583 thousand 500 TL
  • AHMET İNANÇ BEK 2 million 607 thousand 500 TL
  • EMAY ARCHITECTURE 2 million 643 thousand TL
  • ELECTION LANDSCAPE 2 million 712 thousand TL
  • NURSEL ASPHALT 2 million 736 thousand TL
  • İNCİYOL PETROL 2 million 822 thousand 200 TL
  • KULACA CONSTRUCTION 2 million 825 thousand TL
  • SEMİH ATİK 2 million 882 thousand TL
  • SYA INFRASTRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION 2 million 883 thousand 500 TL
  • ESMEK CONSTRUCTION 2 million 994 thousand TL
  • ZÜHRE ROAD CONSTRUCTION 3 million 222 thousand 500 TL
  • ERMAN YALAZ 3 million 224 thousand TL
  • HASANOĞLU CONSTRUCTION 3 million 332 thousand TL

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