ESHOT Balance Inquiry

ESHOT Balance Inquiry

ESHOT Balance Inquiry

Izmirim Card Balance Inquiry and Izmirim Card TL Loading: Kentkarts, which have been used in İzmir's public transportation for years, have been converted to İzmirim Card as of June 1, 2015. Since there was no change in the system for the users, we were able to continue to use the old Kentkarts, and those who wanted to buy them from the new Izmirim Cards and started using them. Our Old Kentkart balances remained intact. So how do we make inquiries if we want to check the balance after that?

Izmirim Card Balance Inquiry and TL Loading

Inquiries for both old Kentkart and new Izmirim cards can be made from the center, namely from the Eshot website, as well as the official mobile application of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Filling and instructed filling services will continue to work faster and smoother.

Izmirim Card Balance Inquiry and TL Upload from Website

He goes to the page below to make the inquiry and TL loading from ESHOT website;

Eshot balance inquiry: KENTKART BALANCE INQUIRY


Eshot balance inquiry

As a member, you can define your cards, enter the special card number on Kentkart or İzmirim Card into the inquiry box without spaces. Then we enter the letters of security and start the query. Or, we enter our card information on the loading page and continue with the next loading steps.

Izmirim Card Balance Inquiry and TL Loading from Mobile Application

In order to perform the Inquiry and Izmirim Card Money Transfer (TL) loading from the official mobile application of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, you download and install the version that fits your smartphone or tablet from the links below and proceed to the Izmirim Card Balance Inquiry section under the Transportation heading in the application. (Of course, you write the card number without any spaces and use an active internet connection for inquiries.)

İzmirim Card Mobile Application

Click for Google Play Android Application
Click for Apple OIS Application
Click for Windows Phone Application

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