Istanbul Airport 3rd Runway Opens Today

the runway opens at istanbul airport today
the runway opens at istanbul airport today

The opening of the 3rd runway of the Istanbul Airport, the air traffic control tower, the state guest house and the mosque will be opened with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu.

Istanbul Airport will have three independent and five operational runways. The number of independent parallel runway operations capable Turkey's first, will be Europe's second airport Istanbul airport. Depending on the traffic weight, some runways will be used for takeoff, some runways for landing or landing-takeoff. This method will significantly increase the number of aircraft that can land and land on an hourly basis. With the launch of the new runway, there will be a 50 percent reduction in current taxi times on domestic flights, and the average aircraft landing time will decrease from 15 minutes to 11 minutes, while the average aircraft take-off time will decrease from 22 minutes to 15 minutes. So planes will take off without waiting.

Istanbul Airport 3rd Runway Features

  • With the 3rd independent runway, Istanbul Airport is capable of independent parallel operation with this number of runways. first in Turkey, the second airport in Europe after Amsterdam Schiphol Airport rising to the position.
  • With the commissioning of the third independent runway in the east of Istanbul Airport Terminal a reduction of approximately 50 percent in the existing taxi times on domestic flights To live. According to the simulations, the average airplane landing time will decrease from 15 minutes to 11 minutes, and the average aircraft takeoff time will decrease from 22 minutes to 15 minutes. The second “End-Around Taxi Road”, which aims to alleviate the congestion at airports where air traffic is very busy, will be put into service with the new runway. Thus, there will be no restrictions on the movement of aircraft on the ground at Istanbul Airport, which is landing and taking off simultaneously.
  • Istanbul Airport will now have 3 independent main runways and 2 spare runways and 5 operational runways. Thanks to the new runway, the air traffic capacity will increase from 80 aircraft per hour to the lowest 120, while the flexibility of the airways will increase. With the new runway, an average capacity of more than 2 landings can be reached daily.
  • The taxiways of the runway have 23 mt of trunk and a shoulder width of 10.5 mt on both sides. In total, the width of the taxiways is 44 meters, including a coated shoulder. A fast exit taxiway was used in taxi operations, 4 of which were in northern operations and 4 of them in southern operations. Other taxiways are transverse link taxiways and parallel taxiways that provide longitudinal link service. It contains 25 taxiways in total.
  • The 3rd independent runway has electrical and electronic navigation systems that allow landing and take-off in the harshest weather conditions, called CAT-III in aviation. The track body coating includes two types of body cover, asphalt and concrete. It has been planned that there will be predominant landings in the section where 36 runway heads are located and 375 meters of concrete pavement has been made. The remainder of the runway is 2685 meters of asphalt. The paved shoulders of the runway are also completely asphalt covered.

Information on the Istanbul Airport Mosque

  • The mosque, which is completed at Istanbul Airport, has a closed area of ​​8070 m2 and consists of 3 main sections as a building structure, as a dome, mahfil region and courtyard.
  • There are three main entrances to the mosque where 6230 people can worship at the same time, including the courtyard. There is a fountain in the center of the courtyard. The first small dome area at the main entrance, ablution and WC areas are located on the corridors opening to the east and west of this area.
  • There are colored glasses rising from 72 floors to the dome in the mosque. Decorative mesh panels, which are the continuation of the pattern of glasses, continue on these glasses. At the end of the meshes, there is a garment study made of gold leaf box profile written by 99 names of Allah in the belt section. This section also forms the roof, and at the top of the dome is the decoration work written by Surah Ihlas. In the upper part of the main prayer area, the women's section can be seen as a balcony. There are 14 different verse decoration letters on the top of this section. The design of the decorations is Dean of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University. Dr. Made under the leadership of M. Hüsrev SUBAŞI. The writing style is slightly modernized Kufi.
  • Special care has been taken to prevent the plaster from losing its properties and the surface not deteriorating, as the belt inscription in the main worship area is also made on the application of acoustic plaster. In this application, approximately 3 million readings were made on site with special 40D scanner devices, and the surface model was created. The decoration text prepared in 3D on this surface model was overlapped and its correct location was determined. Accordingly, letters and ornaments are manufactured individually and assembled carefully on the spot.
  • There is also a parking area to the south of the mosque. The total vehicle capacity of this parking lot is approximately 260 trucks. Of these, 15 are reserved for disabled people, 7 for electric vehicles, 2 for large vehicles, 14 for shared vehicles, and 15 for low emission vehicles.
  • There are 2 minarets in the mosque. The minaret height of the mosque is 55 meters and it is a single balcony.

Information on Istanbul Airport State Guest House

  • Istanbul Airport State Guest House, which was completed and opened to service Hall of Honor, rest room, three different halls, foyer, two conference rooms, kitchen, office, press waiting room, salutation military room, personnel room, male and female masjid, ablution room and finally shelter It is formed.
  • The state guesthouse, which also hosts foreign country heads, consists of a total of 3 square meters.

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