India and Singapore are waiting for Turkish Food Products

india and singapore waiting for turkish food products
india and singapore waiting for turkish food products

After Covid-19, it demanded Turkish food products. India, the second most populous country in the world, and Singapore from the most important trade centers of the world demand Turkish food products.

Aegean Exporters 'Associations brought together Trade Consultants and exporters working in India and Singapore under the moderation of Aegean Exporters' Associations General Secretary I.

Speaking at the meeting, EIB Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi noted that after Covid-19, there was no drop in demand for food products worldwide, and that exports of agricultural products reached 819 percent of the exports of EIB in April of $ 45 million.

Eskinazi added that they started working to organize the Virtual Trade Delegation Organization and Virtual Food Fair for the food sector in order for the flavors of the Aegean Region to be more demanded worldwide.

”The course of the coronavirus epidemic in our Target Markets-4 ″ video conference, New Delhi Trade Counselors Aysun Ergezer Timur and Ali Özdin, Mumbai Trade Attaché Hüseyin Aydın and Singapore Trade Counselor Müge Dağlı Durukan shared the change in the Covid-19 process in India and Singapore.

Timur; Let our companies use virtual environment well

Underlining that India has an economic size of 2.9 trillion dollars, New Delhi Trade Consultant Aysun Ergezer Timur said, “We need to direct our route to India more and there is a great potential. Let our companies use the virtual environment very well in this process, and update their product catalogs on their websites. In this process, people will not be able to touch each other, their identity in the virtual environment will come to the fore. In this process, we must develop virtual commerce. I believe that the economy will follow a positive trend in India. ”

Aydın: “India is a more remote country in our minds”

Defining the Indian market as a virgin market for Turkish companies, Mumbai Trade Attaché Hüseyin Aydın expressed his findings as follows:

“Our companies see India as an alternative market. The flight distance between India and Turkey Although 6-6.5 hours, much more distance flight in the minds of our people. This is an indicator of low perception. Our companies that want to do business in this market should think in the medium term. ”

Expressing that there are opportunities in the Indian market for processed agricultural products and canned food products, Aydın said, “There are between 400 and 600 million middle classes in India according to different criteria. These middle-class consumers have turned to healthy food consumption after Covid-19. They follow social media phenomena. There is a tendency to dried apricots, dried figs, raisins, olives and olive oil. There is an additional demand for olive oil in the country. Turkish apricots are known and preferred, but there are Spanish, Italian and Greek brands in olive and olive oil. Olive can be sold to India in jars of 200-250 grams. There was a fourfold increase in our fresh apple exports. When the agreements between the two countries are completed, there is great potential in our export exports. There is a potential for cleaning products as the customs duties they apply on our country products are low. It is a huge 1.4 billion market for soaps, wipes, toilet paper, towel paper. There is a serious demand for furniture. It takes its furniture mainly from China. We think that Turkish furniture can take place in the Indian market in terms of design and quality. We think that small furniture can be marketed in this country in the online market. India has an important potential in hospital furniture. The construction industry has stopped for 2 months, so we think there will be no demand for marble in the short term. ”

New Delhi Commercial Counselor answered questions from exporter companies in Ali Özdin.

Durukan: “We can get more share of Singapore's 13 billion dollar food import”

Expressing that Singapore, which is one of the important trade centers in the world, has exported 2019 billion dollars in 390 and that 206 billion dollars of this was due to reexport, Singapore Commercial Consultant Müge Dağlı Durukan said that Singapore was dependent on food in foreign countries and imported 2019 billion dollars in 13. while Turkey's exports to Singapore just underlines that food remains in 28 million dollars. Durukan continued as follows:

"Turkey in food exports to Singapore from cherry, apple, wheat flour, chocolate, confectionery products stand out. In the future, Singapore is a market where Turkish food exporters can increase their exports. We can say that the most imported products are alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, dairy products, seafood, chicken meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cereals. ”

Turkey, Singapore and 1 October 20178 on the date that the information is a comprehensive free trade agreement came into force static, while steps should be taken to increase our exports to Singapore were summarized as follows;

“If we look at the market in terms of entry, there may be an entry by contacting the retail chains directly. Online platforms were already very popular for shopping. Currently, its popularity is increasing all over the world. Therefore, it is useful to consider Singapore in terms of online platforms. It is very important to work with distributors when entering Singapore. We should not think of Singapore only as a country that appeals to the Singapore market. It also has a branch or network of countries in Southeast Asia and these distributors. They know the culture of doing business with these countries in general. More than 30 thousand international companies have contact offices in Singapore. ”

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