Normalization Steps Have Been Determined in Nursing Homes and Disabled Care Centers

Date of normalization has been determined in nursing homes and disabled care centers
Date of normalization has been determined in nursing homes and disabled care centers

📩 04/01/2023 09:17

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk announced that the first normalization steps will be taken as of 15 June in public and private nursing homes and disabled care centers. Selçuk stated that the disabled and elderly people in the official institutions who want to go to their families on leave will be allowed on condition that they are not less than 1 month from this date, and day life centers will be opened from 1 July.

Minister Selçuk reminded that in all public and private nursing homes and disabled care institutions, many measures have been put into effect against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) risk, from the ban on visitors to the “fixed shift” working system, regular fever and health monitoring and disinfection.

Emphasizing that the measures are meticulously implemented in the institutions, Selçuk stated that they have decided to start the normalization steps in nursing homes and disabled care institutions considering the gradual normalization steps and the course of Kovid-19 cases explained by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In this context, stating that the instructions regarding the normalization process have been sent to 81 provincial directorates, Selçuk said:

“Our citizens, who are determined to have urgent care needs, will be able to be placed in all public, private and municipal disabled and elderly care institutions as of June 15, provided that the isolation process is completed in the single-person social isolation rooms established in the institutions and the Kovid-14 test is performed.

From this date onwards, our disabled and elderly people who have been serving in official care institutions and who want to go to their families on leave will be allowed on condition that they are not less than 1 month. Kovid-19 tests will definitely be made at the return of the leave and will be placed in the normal room after 14 days of isolation. ”

Selçuk stated that, while receiving services in the institutions, those who have been treated in the hospital due to health problems and who were discharged and maintained in the social isolation institution will be accepted again after the Kovid-14 tests are completed.

Normalization Steps To Be Taken From July 1st

Stating that new steps towards normalization will be taken in the establishments starting from July, Minister Selçuk said that the ordering and transfer of disabled and elderly people, who were found to be in need of urgent care, will start on July 1.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that the citizens in this situation will be maintained at least 14 days in the isolation rooms of the institutions.

Day Life Centers Will Be Served Again

Minister Selçuk shared the following information:

“The implementation of home care support services offered to our citizens with disabilities by their public and private care centers will be resumed as of July 1. The 14-day fixed shift system implemented in all our official and private institutions will continue until 1 July.

We are starting household visits and social examination procedures regarding the requests of disabled and elderly people to be placed in care institutions as of 1 July. As of this date, the daytime centers of official, private and municipal buildings, which are detached buildings, can be disinfected and put into service by planning activities so that there will be at least 2 square meters per person. ”

“No Compromise Will Be Made From Mask, Distance, Hygiene Measures”

Selçuk also stated that those who receive services in the organizations, who go to the family before the pandemic, and who want to return to the establishment, will be accepted as of today, provided that they complete the isolation process. “In the normalization process, disinfection, mask, social distance, personal hygiene, etc. precautions will never be compromised. The implementation of these measures will continue in the same way. ” said.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that the dates regarding the opening of organizations to visitors will be determined later considering the process.

“Psychosocial Support Works for the Disabled and Elderly People Will Be Started”

Other steps to be taken by the Ministry within the scope of normalization are as follows:

“As of today, disabled people and elderly people will be ensured to take maximum advantage from the establishment gardens and living areas on the floors by taking necessary hygiene measures. All disabled people and elderly people will be allowed to participate regularly in groups in the activities in the gardens.

All public and private institutions that provide care services for the disabled and the elderly will plan and implement psychosocial support studies for adaptation to social life after June 15th. In order to make use of leisure time, the realization of controlled, organized, structured physical activities, culture and art works will be started from this date with expert staff. ”

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