High Purity Antibody Against Covid-19

High Purity Antibody Against Covid
High Purity Antibody Against Covid

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that from the recovered patients, immune plasma with high antibody levels is produced and used in Covid-19 treatment, “A start-up company with TÜBİTAK MAM will produce a product containing high purity antibodies”.

Noting that the project started Vaccination of animals in experiments Varank 3, "Turkey is not a country following the following, which started out strong ecosystem advantages offered by the country and followed the drug development moves." used the expression.

Explaining that more than 1500 intensive care respirators have been delivered to Brazil, Minister Varank said, "In this way, we sent about 2 thousand devices abroad." he spoke.

Ministers Varank, Turkey Covidien-19 Vaccine and Drug Platform Project Evaluation Meeting was attended by video conference.

Speaking at the meeting where the stage reached in the studies carried out under the coordination of TÜBİTAK, Varank said:

17 PROJECT: Under the Covid-19 Platform, there are 9 projects, 8 of which are pharmaceuticals and 17 of which are vaccine development. Thanks to these projects, 48 ​​institutions and organizations came together. Hundreds of scientists have become one heart. They work day and night to develop vaccine and drug solutions against the virus. It is perhaps the first time that such a team of competent teams come together and collaborate in such a short time. All the parties of our struggle strive with a spirit of mobilization.

INVISIBLE HEROES: Our healthcare professionals working in the field are the prominent heroes of this job. The invisible heroes of this war are the researchers who do not leave their laboratories 7/24, calculate all possibilities to the finest detail, try and never give up.

FOLLOWING COUNTRY: We are proud of the work of Turkey Covidien-19 platform. Turkey, following, following not a country; It is a country followed by the vaccine and drug development move that it started with the advantage of its strong ecosystem.

LOCAL SYNTHESIS: The hydroxy-chloroquine molecule was successfully synthesized by the TÜBİTAK MAM Chemical Technology Institute with 87 percent efficiency. Efforts to increase efficiency continue. Native synthesis of the favi-piravir molecule was successfully carried out at the laboratory level. We have reached the final stage in the domestic synthesis and production of this drug at the industrial level. Hopefully, the domestic synthesis and production of favi-piravir at the industrial level will be achieved in June.

DOMESTIC PRODUCTION: For the treatment of coronavirus; we also develop anti-virus recombinant antibodies and immune plasma products. Laboratory and animal experiments continue successfully in recombinate antibody projects. Thanks to the studies carried out, we have the ability to produce some virus proteins that we import locally.

PRODUCT WITH ANTIBODY: With the agreement between TÜBİTAK MAM and a start-up company, a product containing high purity antibodies to be used in anti-virus treatment will be produced. We have determined that the protein of grifits obtained from algae has anti-viral properties. Drug development studies on this subject continue at full speed. With the synthetic DNA drug project; We aim to create a short-term protective effect in patients and high-risk groups such as healthcare professionals.

WE COMPETE WITH THE WORLD: We can say that we are competing with the world in vaccine development projects. In addition to all vaccine methods studied in the world, we have vaccine projects that include more original and innovative methods. We develop an inactive vaccine, that is, a virus that has been rendered incapable of disease. Our team replicates and inactivates the virus.

RECOMBINANT VACCINE: We work on recombinant protein vaccines using virus proteins. At this point, antigen production and purification studies are continuing. In DNA vaccination, we develop vaccine candidates with DNA molecules that encode virus antigens.

VIRAL VACCINE: Studies are ongoing in the viral vaccine using harmless viruses containing coronavirus antigens. In the vaccine based on virus-like particles, we work with synthetic structures that carry Covid-19 proteins. Activity tests are being done now. RNA based vaccine project designs are being made. In 3 of the vaccine projects I mentioned, animal experiments started and continue rapidly. These experiments test the vaccine's ability to produce antibodies in mice. In the following processes, “resistance tests” (challange test) in animal experiments and Phase-1 clinical studies to be performed in humans will be started.

WE WANT TO BE HOPE: Vaccines and clinical trials of our drug development projects in Turkey Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health will be supported by our Presidency. We also have the infrastructure to produce vaccine candidates that we will develop. We want to be a hope to humanity with our vaccination and pharmaceutical projects.

INTENSIVE CARE RESPIRATORY DEVICE:  More than 500 intensive care respirators have been delivered to Brazil so far. Thus, we sent about 2 thousand intensive care respirators abroad.

SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: We have created a special scholarship program for projects in the field of vaccine and drug development. We received applications from 340 students and researchers. 300 of these were eligible for support. Our Scholars; It represents another important dimension of our cooperation with the Ministry of Health and TÜSEB. 30 researchers we support directly take part in the projects of the Ministry of Health and TÜSEB.

LOCAL DIAGNOSTIC KITS: You know, the better you are in diagnosis, the greater your effectiveness in treatment. In the field of developing diagnostic kits, our country is very capable, and there are companies that have proven their worth in the world. We also have an innovative diagnostic kit project that we support via TÜBİTAK. In the incubation period of Covid-19, this mass is aimed to be obtained in 30 minutes before the symptoms appear.

PROTOTYPE IS DEVELOPED: Here, instead of biochemical reactions, a nano-technology based method is used. A prototype has already been developed. The system was found to work with harmless particles similar to the virus. Some adjustments and improvements will be made to the prototype. This month, the prototype will be moved to TUBITAK MAM and tested on corona virus samples. There is no such project in the world yet.

Speaking at the meeting, TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal reminded that 19 projects were carried out in the field of vaccination and medicine within the scope of the fight against Covid-17. He pointed out that the issue of social, human and economic impacts during and after the period was addressed.



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