'Filming in Turkey' Websites Golden Spider Award with 'Go Turkey'

go turkey and filming in turkey websites golden orumcek odulu
go turkey and filming in turkey websites golden orumcek odulu

📩 24/06/2020 11:21

“Go Turkey” and “Filming in Turkey” websites of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism were deemed worthy of the best website awards.

Turkey is engaged in the international promotion of digital media "Go Turkey" website on the internet Golden Spider Awards, held this year for the 18th "Public Institutions" category of the "Best Website" award.

Turkey and the undertaking as a bridge between the world film industry "Filming in Turkey" The website was awarded the second prize in the same category.

This year, 2002 projects in different categories were selected as finalists in the Golden Spider Awards, which were awarded and successful projects created using internet, digital marketing and mobile technologies, were held regularly since 246.

A total of 246 thousand 18 votes were cast in the public vote held between May 12 and June 577 for 284 projects that made it to the finals.

The renewed site is signing the works to be exemplified

Go Turkey Golden Spider Awards web site was awarded first place in the traditional channels of communication that Turkey continues to carry digital platform.

Having become able to speak the universal language of today's digital world in a short time, Go Turkey continues to communicate with its own content and unique content in line with the global trends it produces.

The site undertakes works that can be exemplified by its works in line with SEO Marketing dynamics.

All the Information The World Film Industry Needs On This Site

"Public Authority" was awarded first place in the "Filming in Turkey" website to promote filming locations in Turkey, you will need foreign producers were prepared to provide access to all information in one place.

An outdoor movie on the website prepared by the Ministry of plateau production companies with the unique filming locations in Turkey, up to the accommodation and transport facilities of the player agency include all information needs of the world's film industry.

International filmmakers www.filminginturkey.com.t is It can access all the information and documents about the "Foreign Film Supports" enacted by the new cinema law, and can also make online shooting applications.

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