First Block Freight Train Departs from Wuhan to France

wuhandan set off the first block freight train to france
wuhandan set off the first block freight train to france

GEFCO, the leading carrier in automotive logistics, took the necessary precautions for the safety of one of the first block freight trains to travel to France from Wuhan, China, after the COVID-19 global crisis, and carried the 500-ton of important automotive spare parts.

Due to the growing demand for railways in China and the final point of most trains to Germany, GEFCO has worked closely with rail operators and terminal owners to provide transportation and coordinate transportation directly to a dedicated freight train to France.

GEFCO offered its customers a door-to-door solution. This solution includes all the necessary pre-transport and final transports for road and rail, loading of products in containers at supplier facilities in Shanghai and Chengdu, customs procedures and storage operations in France.

21 containers collected on April 2020, 41; It covered a distance of 7 km in 10.000 countries including China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and finally France. Shipments were delivered to the Lille Dourges Container Terminal in Dourges, north of France, after a 19-day journey.

Due to COVID-19, GEFCO has adhered to contactless procedures at the terminals as part of stringent security procedures. By moving the parts over the rail in a closed solution for three weeks, he made sure that the virus would not be transported.

Railway transportation in the GEFCO portfolio is a cheaper solution compared to air transportation and an important service providing CO² emission reduction. This special freight train traveling from China to Europe has saved 4500-tonnes in CO² emissions compared to an airline solution.

GEFCO Global Railway Manager Alice Defranoux said, “Securing the first block freight train from Wuhan to France was an important milestone for GEFCO among the global challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. In these challenging times, our rail solution has demonstrated its value as a sustainable, cost-effective, time-efficient and reliable proposition.

As countries enter the normalization process, it makes us happy that the restrictions start to rise. I am proud to be part of the GEFCO team, which manages fast and excellent operations for customers, cooperates closely with customers and always takes them one step further. ”

With the resumption of automobile factories that stopped their operations in Europe, GEFCO has developed solutions to keep products in local warehouses to provide fast access to customers. GEFCO has shipped more than two million masks in total, primarily by airline and now by rail, to help its customers restart their production and ensure the health and safety of their employees.

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