Every move on the internet, even your mouse movements on websites can be monitored

every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored
every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored

We talked to media marketing and communication expert Okan Yüksel about digital marketing and social media, which entered the golden age. According to Yüksel, who argues that companies that can keep up with e-commerce can survive, almost everyone has a brand value in this age.

In recent years, the world has changed faster and more widely than ever before, as the Canadian communication expert and thinker Marshall McLuhan has stated, it has turned into a “global village”.

With the increasing role of the internet, smart phones and computers in our lives with the globalization, the golden age entered the digital age.

Just like the replacement of steam powered machines with muscle power in the past, information technologies led by computers and the internet have replaced our ability to understand and shape the world.

Media Academy General Coordinator Okan Yüksel, who interpreted this situation as 'entering the second machine age of humanity', emphasized that this situation brings many opportunities.

Those who can keep up with e-commerce and others

When the important part of the trade, which is the heart of the economy, moved to the electronic field, the way of marketing changed.

The importance of electronic commerce (e-commerce) was seen once again, especially with the coronavirus outbreak affecting the world.

While those who succeeded in displaying their products in physical stores in digital stores and able to keep up with e-commerce, experienced the advantage of this situation, those who were caught unprepared for the epidemic or resisted change were on the losing side.

Stating that e-commerce has increased more and more in the coronavirus epidemic, media and communication specialist Okan Yüksel stated that male care products, especially pajamas, women's care products and shavers, have attracted great attention in addition to kitchen products.

On the other hand, due to the cancellation of collective events such as organizations, weddings, graduation balls, evening dresses, whose sales increased every year in the spring, the sales of bridal gowns decreased.

okay yuksel
Okan Yüksel / Photo: Media Academy

"Turkey's e-commerce has great potential for use as yet"

Okan Yüksel, who is also the author of the book “Digital Marketing and Social Media in All Dimensions”, explained the importance of marketing as follows:

The number of sinking companies because of not doing good marketing is much more than the number of sinking companies because of not being able to produce well.

Yuksel, Turkey's e-commerce in the area said there was no use of the huge potential and without wasting time, hosting advised numerous opportunities to benefit from this pie.

The manufacturer of the goods not only in Anatolia in Turkey, one side from around the world, and even said that even have the opportunity to sell to China.

every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored
In the digital age, marketing offers the opportunity to sell products to many parts of the world over the internet. Users can make a purchase with a click / Photo: Pixabay 

“The buy button (button) is placed in the places where the mouse is moved, and it is also tried to direct individuals to shopping”

Yüksel said that with digital marketing, considering the preferences, needs and products and services of the people on the internet, it was provided to recommend the ones that suit them:

Analyzes are made and people's preferences are better known than them. Every move on the Internet, even your mouse movements on websites can be monitored. In fact, the buy button (button) is placed in the places where the mouse is moved, and individuals are tried to be directed to shopping.

“All of the digital marketing experts who took a 3.5-month course got involved”

Speaking of the individual job opportunities in the digital field, Okan Yüksel said that they have graduated 200 digital marketing experts as an institution and they all have a job. Yüksel, who asked how long the training lasted, noted that a 3.5-month course was first taken and then the total training was about 1 year with the support of mentoring.

Explaining that they are attempting to open a job-guaranteed fiction (montage) course on a television channel, Yüksel said that the young people do not demand the course and the education is canceled due to the deteriorating conditions in the media. Yüksel stated that, apart from professional constructions, the beginning and intermediate level works have been taken care of with some programs today, and this has reduced interest.

“Marketing is not limited to products and services, everyone has to market themselves”

Today, the concept of marketing is not limited to products and services.

So much so that almost everyone has become a personal brand.

We go through the periods when artist Andy Warhol says, “One day everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”.

Warhol commented that "Everyone has to market itself" for this period, adding that the social media accounts of individuals have turned into reputation management, "This is a brand name for personal brand management."

Instagram as an e-commerce method

We asked Okan Yüksel, General Coordinator of Media Academy, about the point where social media came and especially the recent Instagram sales.

Stating that social media is the most powerful weapon in marketing, Yüksel said that this way he has the potential to reach billions of people in the most accurate way and communicate with them.

every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored
Access to social media is provided via the internet and smart phones or computers. Social media is expected to increase its power as usage of these products is increasing all over the world / Photo: Pixabay

Stating that many companies use this medium, Yüksel stated that a corset company they provide consultancy sales around 250 per day and wants automation service by not reaching the orders.

“Celebrities replace social media phenomena”

Referring to the importance of choosing the right person for the right product on Instagram, Yüksel said the following:

Instead of an account with 500 thousand false followers, an account with 20 thousand organic users is much more effective.

The companies that used to pay a lot of money and advertise with famous names have become social media phenomena today.

So much so that instead of paying a high amount to a famous name, marketing of products over 15-20 phenomena was provided.

Reminding that a famous name went to a place in the past, Yüksel reminded that special attention was paid to them, and that the era started to change, he claimed that social media phenomena are attracting attention today, and therefore famous names started to act like social media phenomenon.

every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored
Founded in 2010 by two Stanford graduate Instagram'ın number of active users in Turkey finds 38 million / Photo: Pixabay

“While women tell others about the product they bought, young people are very eager to try new things”

We ask the advantage because it has a young population of Turkey General Coordinator of the Media Academy Okan Yuksel, "it is targeted at young users with especially women in the digital environment. Because while women tell the product they bought to others, young people are very eager to try new things. To have many aspects in favor of Turkey's young population, "he said.

“We love watching videos, YouTube first place"

Ranked first in the world in social media channels on Facebook, while in Turkey YouTubeYüksel said that, "We love watching videos" as the reason for the situation, and said that Instagram is the second and Twitter is the third.

Stating that Twitter was followed by Facebook, Yüksel stated that LinkedIn has recently been attacked.

every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored
the most popular channels in the US in 2-3 years now stated that Turkey also showed itself / Photo: Pixabay

E-Mail Marketing (E-mail marketing)

We also asked whether the marketing made through e-mails sent to Okan Yüksel, the author of the book “Digital Marketing and Social Media in All Dimensions”, still plays an active role in sales today.

“E-mail is still effective because people check their e-mails during the day and read them. E-mail marketing is the most affordable way to stay in touch with your customers or the people who are interested in you, ”said Yüksel, who regularly sent quality e-bulletins as one of the most important marketing methods.

SEO: Top ranking of content on a website in search engines

Okan Yüksel, who also asked the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) studies, explained that thanks to SEO, more visitors were drawn to a website.

Yüksel said, “A good website has unmatched commercial potential, but what matters is to make people find this site,” continued Yüksel, saying:

As a result of searches on Google and other search engines, you need to be on the first page and top three. 'What difference does it make to be on the first or second page?' You might say. The said digital marketing makes a lot of difference! According to research, 75 percent of users do not look after the first page that they encounter in search results.

Podcast and Internet Radio

It was a period in which we watched and listened to us on television channels and radios in the past, and now we can choose what we wish according to our preferences.

Originally developed for iPod, podcasts became popular over time using other tools.

These publications were frequently preferred because they could be listened to at every stage of life.

Yüksel also asked us about “podcasts” where digital media products such as radio programs and videos were downloaded to smart phones and tablets over the internet, adding that audio book services such as Storytel also stand out.

every move on the internet or even mouse movements on websites can be monitored
According to Wikipedia "podcast" sözcü“pod” (small capsule) and “broadcast” (broadcast) in the word “iPod” in the 2000s. sözcüIt was created from. Internet and computer are sufficient for the podcast / Photo: Pixabay

Finally, Yüksel reminded the communicator Marshall McLuhan saying that what we watch or listen to today is more effective than who and what we are following, argued that this could change our actions and even our character.

Source: The Independentturkisk

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