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ekintas shipping

Kocaeli is the only institution that will support you among home-to-home shipping companies and will offer you all the experience it has gained over the years, Ekintaş Transportation continues its activities throughout Izmit with its teams and future-oriented vision. In addition to being the institution that equips its expert staff with the trainings about the deficiencies it deems necessary after the housework, it confirms and promises that it will provide you with transportation services by offering the best price guarantee.

İzmit Elevator Ekintaş transportation

We would like to point out that the company has many video recordings about the services performed in the headquarters building and many customers left behind by laughing. As Biz News portal, Ekintaş explained the existence of such a high quality company to our esteemed readers and in their commercial lives. izmit home to home shipping We have adopted it as our duty to provide detailed information about the company's service areas. Ekintaş Nakliyat makes regular campaigns every month through its websites in order to provide cheap and safe elevator-to-house transportation. By following the campaigns, you can make your moving plans and get the appropriate shipping service in a cheap way.


How to transport from home to Kocaeli?

Moving from home to home is a difficult and stressful process for each of us, by finding the company that is committed to providing us with the most appropriate and trouble-free service in the transportation of household goods, to benefit from its transportation solutions in a way that affects the least budget, constitutes its basic desire.
Kocaeli home to home shipping We strongly recommend that you stay away from any company that steals customers' labor by applying fake and false policies while recommending long research on their prices. As the average transportation cost, home moving operations in this region vary between 1000 TL and 3000 TL depending on both the quantity of the goods and the distance.

How much are Izmit Transportation Prices?

In House Moving operations, Ekintaş Elevator house-to-house transportation company employs 6 employees for each house moving. These transport personnel are composed of highly competent and specialized personnel in order to move a house smoothly and reach its new address. According to the information provided by the Ekintaş Transportation Authority regarding Izmit transportation prices, there is a similar price application as in Kocaeli. In order to get information and support about prices in more detail, Ekintaş can call the company 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. izmit shipping You can get the necessary information and support from the web addresses.

Tel: 0262 654 04 09 - 0541 371 07 09

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