Mudanya was Requested for BUDO and Cumhuriyet Street Tramway

budo and republic street tram aspire mudanya
budo and republic street tram aspire mudanya

Actually… the last period damage on the grounds that BUDO will be sold or closed in response to rumors, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş with clear language “We have no intention of selling BUDO” said and subject closed It was.

So what…

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu who met with last weekend CHP Bursa delegation BUDO 'nun Istanbul'emerging on the pier that he used rent crisis talking two results has achieved:

First ...

City Linesabout Eminönü Pierfor the use of 'increasing the share of tickets from 3 percent to 750 percent, not less than 5 thousand liras' against your request Imamoglu acted for the solution and Bursa Metropolitanin “Continuation of 3 percent ticket share” positive approach to the trend.

The second is…

BUDO 'has used before, but Seagull Project closed due Kabataş Pier 'Why a bay will leave Imamoglu He explained.


Event'due to relocation to its new location Mayor of Mudanya Hayri Türkyılmaz after summarizing these developments Bursa Metropolitan Municipality 'ne made the following offer.

He said:

“It sounds to us that BUDO will be sold. Even a well-known businessman from Istanbul said that he wanted to come and visit BUDO. If it is to be sold, we would like to buy it as Mudanya Municipality.

Underlining, he said:

“Together with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we aspire to BUDO as Mudanya Municipality. We are ready to change its name to MUDO and continue. ”

Then a bid more found:

“We read the statements of Mr. Metropolitan Mayor in the newspapers that the T3 line, which works as a nostalgic tram on Cumhuriyet Street, will no longer be used and dismantled. If it is to be dismantled, we are the nostalgic tram.

He also said what to do:

“I think of a tram going from the coast between Arnavutköy at the western exit of Mudanya and the IDO Pier in Burgas.”


speculations with two offers has turned to a different stage.

Türkyılmaz's "beach tram"  imaginary

Event'During his visit, “If it is not to be operated but dismantled, we would like Cumhuriyet Avenue nostalgic tram” she's Mayor of Mudanya Hayri Türkyılmaz thinks as follows:

“Trolleybus to run between Arnavutköy and Güzelyalı İDO  we have a project. If we take the nostalgic tram, it will adapt to Mudanya and be beautiful. ”

He also said:

“We planned three stations with large parking lots. One is the underground car park in Halitpaşa District, which will be used instead of the stadium. The other one will be in Ömerbey District and one in Güzelyalı. ”

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz/Event

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