Asphalt Paving Work Continues in 39 Districts of IMM

asphalt paving works in ibb district continues
asphalt paving works in ibb district continues

Taking advantage of the curfew, IMM continued its asphalt paving works on both sides of the city. It prepared roads and squares for 16 million Istanbul residents. In the works that will continue in June, over 350 thousand tons of asphalt will be laid in the main arteries across the city.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continued road maintenance, repair and asphalt paving during the two-day curfew. Due to the heavy vehicle and spring traffic, the disturbances in the routes that are difficult to work on were corrected, the roads were rehabilitated.


On the European side, Büyükçekmece, Silivri, Beylikdüzü, Küçükçekmece, Avcılar, Bayrampaşa, Bağcılar; On the Asian side, Heybeliada, KadıköyIn the Kartal and Şile roads and squares, pits and peels were eliminated. In these regions, high quality and healthy asphalt was produced. The teams, who worked intensely, took the necessary precautions against coronavirus. In addition to using equipment such as masks and gloves, employees also maintained social distance.


Seyfullah Demirel, Head of IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, said the following about the work carried out:

“As the metropolitan municipality, we have over 4 thousand kilometers in our area of ​​responsibility. In order to maintain the comfort conditions of these roads, we need to perform approximately 2 million tons of asphalt renewal every year. During the month of June alone, including the Islands, we plan to lay over 350 thousand tons of asphalt in the main arteries from Şile to Silivri. In fact, our target for the end of 2020 was to lay 1 million 200 thousand tons of asphalt. However, thanks to the devoted efforts of our teams, we will rehabilitate the roads in 39 districts of Istanbul by making an amount of asphalt over this amount. We continue to prepare roads and squares for 16 million Istanbul residents. ”

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