ASELSAN's $ 31 Million Ventilator Contract

serial production contract for the ventilator device
serial production contract for the ventilator device

International Health Services Inc. and ASELSAN signed a contract worth 31 million dollars for the production of the ventilator device.

ASELSAN started to work on the mass production of the ventilator device in order to maximize its contribution to our country in this regard.

One of the most important medical devices used to combat the epidemic of COVID-19 virus, which affects the world, is intensive care mechanical ventilator devices. The ventilator device, which is one of the most important devices that support vital functions, is used as a support for the patient's breathing and if this function is not performed, it can take over the breathing function. It is one of the most important elements of the treatment applied to inpatients due to respiratory failure in intensive care units.

Following the epidemic of COVID-19, the need for a ventilator emerged intensely all over the world. In addition, the worldwide demand for many components used in the devices increased to an unmet level in a short time. The devices and their critical components have become unavailable from abroad, with the country imposing restrictions on ventilator devices and critical components such as the export ban or the requirement for export permits, prioritizing their own needs.

In such an environment, companies such as ASELSAN, BAYKAR, ARÇELİK and BIOSYS are providing domestic ventilator devices to our country. kazanHe worked hard to cooperate. ASELSAN made a great contribution to the improvement of the hardware and software design of the prototype device of the BIOSYS company and to bring it to the producible level in a few weeks, and realized the domestic design and production of critical components that cannot be supplied from abroad.

ASELSAN is Progressing with Safe Steps in Health

ASELSAN continues to work endlessly to minimize our country's import dependency in the field of medical imaging and diagnostic devices, especially in the field of life support devices, and to implement local and national technologies in the field of health as well as in all other areas where it operates.

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