Subscriber Card Balances were Returned to Students in Ankara

subscriber card balances returned to students in Ankara
subscriber card balances returned to students in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality resolved the suffering of students who had to interrupt their education due to the coronavirus outbreak. The General Directorate of EGO returned the boarding fee of 7 students who applied with the instructions of President Yavaş to their subscription cards as a balance.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to make life easier for students in the capital city with student-friendly applications.

In order to eliminate the victimization in the subscription cards of the students whose education was interrupted due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the boarding fee that they did not use was charged to the students in accordance with the instructions of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas.


EGO General Directorate refunded the boarding fee of the 7 students who applied for the subscription cards as balance.

The refund fee, which was 15 thousand 2020 TL in total, was paid as a balance to 30 students who had their retrospective validity before 16 March 2020, 23.59, and never used their card after 7 on 5 March 366.

Noting that the period of use of discounted student subscription cards cannot be extended technically and the application of students in EGO Mobile and is Stating that he can check his balances via his address, EGO Transportation Technologies Department Head Bülent Özkan gave the following information:

“The subscription card application launched for students in the capital caused the students not to use their cards with the pandemic process. We ensured the elimination of the victimization that occurred by the order of our President Mansur Yavas. The cards of 153 students who applied to Başkent 7005 or EGO General Directorate were examined and the refund fee was loaded as a balance. We will always continue to support our students' economies. ”


Günceleme: 26/06/2020 10:46

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