ATILGAN Low Altitude Air Defense System Reinforcement from TSK to İdlib

altitude air defense system reinforcement
altitude air defense system reinforcement

According to the images published on social media on June 2, 2020, the Turkish Armed Forces again shipped Atılgan low altitude air defense system to Idlib.

defenceturkIn the news in; "Turkey is a time for fulfilling their obligations under the agreement signed with Russia in Idlib, conducting joint patrols in the area. Patrols continue even if the executed patrol activities are attempted to be sabotaged by various groups.

Turkey, emigrated to the civilian population living in the area to prevent the region remain under adverse conditions and has built several bases in and around Idlib checkpoint.

Despite all the efforts of Turkey in the region of Russia, the Syrian regime and the Iranian-backed Shiite militants in the region continues to provocation. According to the latest information from the region, senior members of the Hezbollah terrorist organization came to the south of Idlib.

Turkey prevents against those who experienced all this in order to bring stability back to Idlib on February 27, 2020 Spring Shield homelessness of millions of people launching the Operation, the regime had brought a lot of goals for ineffective state.

Shipments to Border and Idlib Have Been Made Before

It is known that 26 ATILGAN, which were brought to Gaziantep on 2016 November 2, were placed at the border. The air defense systems sent take part in the protection of the border line of the base regions located in Syria.

ATILGAN Pedestal Mounted Stinger Systems, which were shipped to the Syrian border on February 22, 2020, were displayed. The Turkish Armed Forces are building many base zones to ensure peace and protect civilian populations at the Syrian border and in areas cleared of cross-border operations and terrorist organizations.

While preventing infiltrations to the region within the scope of the built base areas, ensuring the security of civilian people in the cities is taken into consideration by the Turkish Armed Forces.

Not only cross-border, Turkey's border cities with missiles and rockets launched by the separatist terrorist organization by Syria have been many times targets.

During the Spring Shield Operation, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar made statements on the subject.

Akar regime's children despite the cease-fire in Idlib, the woman had expressed elderly innocent continued to increase against the civilian people who land and air attacks resulted in a deep human tragedy and toward a huge migration took place on Turkey's borders with it.

Therefore, Turkey's restoration of peace and stability in Syria and the civilian population and the regime continues to take measures to be targeted by Russia.

A Permanent Ceasefire and Stability Is Our Main Purpose

Mentioning that the humanitarian dimension of the activities besides the military operation is also of great importance, Minister Akar said:

“We continue our activities in Idlib in order to provide a ceasefire within the framework of Adana, Astana and Sochi Accords, with the right to self-defense, in the Article 51 of the UN Convention, to prevent migration, and to secure the security of our troops, people and borders by ending the human drama in the region. In this context, we have fulfilled all our responsibilities arising from mutual agreements as guarantor countries and we continue to bring them. Accordingly, we have also met our need for unity in the field in accordance with the Astana Consensus. Our main goal is to ensure permanent ceasefire and stability. However, there is no doubt that the most violent and hesitant response will be given to the legitimate defense against attacks on our troops, our Observation Points and our positions. Within the scope of legitimate defense, our target will be only Regime soldiers and their members attacking our troops. ”

General Features of ATILGAN KMS

  • Short Reaction Time
  • High Hit Capability
  • Coordinated use with the Command and Control System
  • 8 ready-to-fire Stinger missiles
  • 12.7mm automatic machine gun despite self-protection and close air threats
  • Passive target search and tracking sensors, consisting of thermal and daylight TV cameras
  • Multi-pulse Laser Range Finder for target distance measurement
  • Two-axis stabilized turret providing target search, diagnostic tracking and shooting location on the move
  • Firing Control Computer that provides automation of all system functions
  • IFF providing friendly / unknown distinction for the target:
  • Remote control facility
  • Can be mounted on different carrier platforms, high speed, light and modular turret

Manufacturer: ASELSAN

Source: defenceturk

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