ALPAGU Kicker UAV Opened Its Wings To The Sky

alpagu batsman iha gokyuzune opened his wings
alpagu batsman iha gokyuzune opened his wings

ALPAGU Striking Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will be available to the use of security forces towards the end of the year. Turkey, ALPAGA with 3 entries in this class Strike UAV developed between countries.

"Kamikaze UAVs", which have been used effectively by the Turkish Armed Forces on the battlefield, are diversifying. Continuing the deliveries of rotary wing kamikaze İHA Kargu, STM has come to an end for the works for fixed wing kamikaze İHA ALPAGU. Towards the end of the year, ALPAGU will be launched to the use of security forces.

Striking unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) known as "kamikaze UAV" to Turkey kazanSTM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. is working to increase the product range and capabilities of vehicles in this field. While KARGU, which is currently being delivered to the security forces and is used with success, stands out with its reconnaissance, surveillance and destruction missions, mission cancellation option and destruction in a widespread area, especially in residential area operations, while ALPAGU is lightweight, diving speed, low radar cross-sectional area and It differs in that it creates point-based damage to high-value or important targets with its speed.

Turkey was one of three countries

ALPAGU, which provides an important surprise effect and operational superiority with its artificial intelligence and image processing capabilities, silence, and the ability to bring the explosive it carries to the target, has very few equivalents in the world. Turkey, with ALPAGA after the US and Israel in this class was entered into between 3 Strike UAV capable of developing countries. ALPAGU, which stands out with its material technology and high level engineering applied by STM; Apart from its superior capabilities, it differs from its competitors with its features such as the ability to be used as a herd, and its integration with different platforms.

ALPAGU, whose weight is under 2 kilograms, has only 2 platforms of similar qualities in the world.

Despite its small size and light weight, ALPAGU carries explosives enough to neutralize its target, can work at very long distances and can be carried by a single soldier and used very quickly in the task area. ALPAGU also provides an important surprise effect and operational superiority with its artificial intelligence and image processing capabilities, silence, and the ability to bring the explosive it carries to the target.

Having successfully completed a challenging development process, STM continues intensive tests on the field. ALPAGU, which has been tested and improved its capabilities of launching, flight, target reaching and neutralizing from laser, has achieved very successful results. It is aimed that the tests will end in a very short time and ALPAGU will be made available to the TAF at the end of the year.

Can also be fired from armored vehicles and UAVs

ALPAGU will be used by a single soldier, as well as versions that can be thrown from multiple lancers over armored vehicles. Models of ALPAGU that will be thrown from armed unmanned aerial platforms such as Bayraktar Akıncı Offensive UAV and Anka will be developed.

On the agenda of STM, ALPAGU also has bigger, faster explosive versions that can carry more explosives. With the ability to develop a small size platform under 2 kilograms, larger platforms will be ready for use in a very short time.

At the end of the studies on larger models of ALPAGU, platforms that can engage more than 10 kilograms and bigger targets will be produced.

Following deliveries to start this year, it is aimed to create an ALPAGU product family with products that will be diversified from next year.

Different kamikazes in the same herd

On the other hand, ALPAGU will be able to function integrated with unarmed UAV platforms such as TOGAN, which has remote sensing, image processing and tracking capabilities.

STM, which has developed herd operation capability on KARGUs, will realize a usage concept in which ALPAGU and KARGU can be used for different types of missions in the same herd.

Source: defanceturk

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