Akçaray is 3rd Year Old! 2.2 million kilometers traveled

Akcaray traveled a million kilometers in the age of
Akcaray traveled a million kilometers in the age of

The Akçaray tram, launched by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and loved by citizens, entered its third year as of June 17, 2020. Akçaray, which has been operated by TransportPark for 3 years, served 3 million 28 thousand 984 passengers in transportation service. The trams, which have become the first choice of citizens in the Izmit region since the day it was opened, continue to carry passenger transportation.

262 Thousand Expeditions

The service quality has been further improved by adding Seka State Hospital, Congress Center, Education Campus and finally Beachway stations to Akçaray, which has been operating between the bus station and Sekapark for about 2 years. Akçaray, who travels along the 20-kilometer line in total, provided 3 thousand trips in 262 years and provided a fast, clean and safe journey to its passengers.

2.2 million kilometers traveled

Akçaray continues to make an average of 274 trips every day on the Beach Highway - Bus Terminal area. On average, it makes 2 thousand 603 kilometers a day, 18 thousand 221 kilometers a week, and 75 thousand 487 kilometers a month. 3 trams, which continued their services continuously for 18 years, covered a total of 2.2 million kilometers.

Kocaeli Tram Map

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