Yusufeli Dam Will Add 1,5 Billion Turkish Liras To The National Economy

Yusufeli Dam will contribute to our national economy annually billion pounds
Yusufeli Dam will contribute to our national economy annually billion pounds

Another important and critical hand was left behind in the Yusufeli Dam and HEPP project, which was built by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) and is one of the vision projects of our country. 4 million cubic meters of this work, in which a total of 3 million cubic meters of body concrete will be poured, is the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, where our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated by video conference. It was poured with the ceremony that Bekir Pakdemirli participated in the construction of the dam. In the ceremony, the opening of the "Bayburt Demirözü Dam Irrigation" and "Bayburt Demirözü Dam Irrigation" were completed with the "Rize-Merkez and Güneysu Districts Taşlıdere Valley Rehabilitation 5th Part".

Emphasizing that they do not grasp this great change in the speech he made at the ceremony, President Erdoğan emphasized that they are watching the employees with the apprehension of the common values ​​of the nation, not with the politics of the work. We placed the last block of the bridge in Çanakkale. Ilısu Dam, one of the biggest projects of GAP, was granted to us. We completed three of the last emergency hospitals in 45 days. We launched the Democracy and Freedoms Island. Yesterday we opened the garden of 10 nation in Ankara. We are proud of the progress in Yusufeli Dam. successfully managing the public order, to walk Happy Turkey has never stopped, "he said.


"We do not see any obstacles that will keep us from our way," said President Erdoğan. "Dams have a symbolic importance in the development struggle of our country. This country has watched the waters, which are the grace of God, flow from their lands in years. We were dealing with those who fought against the values ​​of our own people, while the agricultural land cracked from thirst, the cities were roasted from thirst, while water took everything in the rain. The dam construction was the symbol of this struggle to get rid of backwardness. One of the issues that the late Adnan Menderes attached importance to was the subject of the dam. The late Demirel established his policy on the dam. Erbakan Hodja also has a special importance. We added 18 new dams to those built in the last 585 years. Before 2003, it was able to build 105 hydroelectric power plants in our country. In 18 years, we have brought 576 hydroelectric power plants to our country. We added 228 more to 329 ponds. We have offered 89 additional facilities to the nation while there are 247 drinking water ”.


Underlining that a very important part of the projects within the GAP, which is the biggest regional development project of our country, was built in its own periods, President Erdoğan said, “We increased the amount of land irrigated in GAP from 19 percent to 53 percent and increased productivity. We are witnessing the 3 millionth cubic meter pouring ceremony of Yusufeli Dam. We are leaving behind 4 in 3. Coruh is a very important basin in terms of water. 50 power plants operate. Dams and power plants, each of which are huge, serve our country. Yusufeli Dam, which will have an installed capacity of 540 megawatts, is an imam of this choker. It is equivalent to the height of a 275-storey building with a body of 100 meters. This work, which is completely the product of our own engineers, will not only contribute 1.5 billion lira per year to our economy, but will also protect the Coruh Valley from floods. Along with the dam, roads, bridges, culverts, tunnels and our new Yusufeli Town were built. A brand new living space is established here. When we went under his control, this work is a rare and huge work. ”

This work is a separate source of pride

Pointing out that the creation of such a work in the mountains is a separate source of pride, President Erdoğan said, “I congratulate everyone who contributed to the acquisition of this work in our country. I congratulate the contractor company. I hope that the 5th part of Rize-Merkez and Güneysu Districts Taşlıdere Valley Rehabilitation will be beneficial. With this project, 9 residential areas and 1000 decares of agricultural land are protected from flood risk. Bayburt Demirözü Dam Irrigation, which is another facility to be opened, will increase the yield of the lands in the region. I present my gratitude to every member of our nation who is with us once again in our struggle to bring art to our country. ”

Expressing that the new Yusufeli built within the scope of the project is almost overlooking the sea, President Erdoğan said that afforestation works have started and this will be another beautiful moment when the landscape works are completed.

Stating that Yusufeli Dam will finance itself in 7 years, President Erdoğan stated that he will contribute to our budget of 1.5 billion lira per year and that it is a feasible investment.

After the speech of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he connected the Yusufeli Dam and Rize-Merkez and Güneysu Districts Taşlıdere Valley Reclamation 5th Section and the Bayburt Demirözü Dam Irrigation areas and opened the 3 million cubic meters concrete casting of the Yusufeli Dam.

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