Call to 'Wear a Mask' Against the Epidemic with Traffic Lights in Edirne

Whenever you want to wear a mask against the epidemic with traffic lights
Whenever you want to wear a mask against the epidemic with traffic lights

Edirne Municipality replaced the 'Stay At Home' and 'Go Home' stickers, which they put in the traffic lights in the city during the first days of the COVID-19 outbreak, with 'Mask Wear' stickers within the framework of the new normalization process. Asking citizens to wear masks in any environment, Mayor Gürkan also warned citizens who do not wear masks and do not wear their masks properly.

Edirne Municipality, which did not lose any precaution against the COVID-19 outbreak, continued its activities since 8 March, and replaced the 'Stay At Home' and 'Go Home' stickers with the 'Normal Mask' stickers along with the new normalization process.

Mayor in statements to the press in the area where is located the traffic lights at the Agricultural Bank of intersection on the subject Recep Gürkan, Edirne, also said he continued to struggle with the Covidien-19, as in all of Turkey.

Stating that the new normalization process has been entered but the fight against the epidemic has not come to an end, Mayor Recep Gürkan said, “As explained by the Minister of Health and the President of the Republic. Continue to struggle. until leaving no cases in Turkey, but even at that point we will continue fighting protection. As you know, while the curfews of 10 years old and above and 65 years and older that have been going on since 20 March, we wrote 'Stay at Home' in red and 'Go Home' in green at the traffic lights in Edirne. According to the decision of the Presidency, there are no curfews anymore. Home stay is more free for certain periods of time. But slowly it brings all of Turkey mask requirement for all provinces. It brings a curfew without a mask. We wanted to be a first pioneer in this sense. By removing the words "stay home" and "go home" at the traffic lights, we stick the "Wear Maska" stickers to both red and green light. Put on your mask in red, put on your mask in green. So let's wear our mask absolutely and absolutely in any environment. Let's obey the social distance and hygiene rules. Let's not go outside without a mask for the health of us and the safety of all of us. ”

Let's not go out without a mask

Mayor Recep Gürkan, who asked Edireans not to go out without a mask, said, “The mask has only one purpose; To protect us against viruses that may come from the mouth and nose. And if we have a virus, don't infect it. It makes no sense to wear the mask on the arm or carry it in our pocket. Please don't tell us nothing will happen. Nothing happens to your relatives, to your family, to your child, to your friends, to other citizens. Therefore, we must wear our mask in every environment by obeying the rules of social distance. ”

When a journalist asked the number of cases in Edirne, Mayor Gürkan said, “I am not authorized to give figures. The Ministry of Health and the Governor of Edirne can explain. I can say that it is also in the press. We have been going with zero cases for a month. Case numbers have started to appear in the last few days. Yes, there are also people coming from outside of the city, but even if they came from outside of the city, this is included in Edirne records. What happens, let's wear our masks. This is worrying. until recently, it had fallen 700'yer daily number of cases in Turkey came to 500 thousand nowadays. So there is a problem here. Not only that we see in every corner of Turkey in Edirne. If there are a hundred people on the street, half of them have masks and half of them have no masks. We absolutely need to wear the mask. ”


Stating that the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak continues without slowing down, Gürkan said, “We did not interrupt the measures in the period when we started to normalize. We continue our work in the same way. We have never reduced measures, measures and work. The municipality's vehicle just passed from here and it disinfected the road with foam disinfectant. We continue to disinfect the workplaces and public transportation vehicles. We continue to give hand disinfectants to those in need. We continued the measures without reducing them, and they will continue to do so. ”


Stating that there is an obligation to wear a mask in Edirne in areas closed to traffic, however, they evaluated this issue with the Governor of Edirne Ekrem Canalp. Currently closed areas such as Saraçlar Caddesi, Tahmis, Locksmiths, Balıkpazarı, Zindanaltı; Market places, shopping malls are subject to a mask requirement. It is forbidden to enter here without a mask, subject to criminal processing. ”

Mayor Recep Gürkan, who also visited Saraçlar Street, the busiest street of the city after the press release, warned the citizens who did not wear masks or did not wear their masks and asked them to wear their masks.

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