When to Apply to High Schools to Accept Students with aptitude Test?

When to apply to high schools to take students with a talent test
When to apply to high schools to take students with a talent test

Applications for schools accepting students with aptitude test will be made on June 15-29. The "Talent Examination Application for Students with Schools" has been published, which includes the procedures and principles regarding the admission of students to the 9th grades of the Anatolian Imam High School High Schools, which apply fine arts high schools, sports high schools and music, memory, traditional and contemporary visual arts and sports program / project. .

According to the guideline, students who complete the Middle School, Imam Hatip Secondary School or the Research, Development, Education and Practice Center, where a special primary education program is implemented, will be able to apply to these schools in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Schools that accept students with aptitude test will be announced on June 12. After the exam applications are made on June 15-29, the candidate's talent exam entry dates will be announced on June 30.

The aptitude tests and their results will be entered into the system on 1-10 July. Students will be able to learn the results of their central placement on the e-School system on July 13. KazanThe registration of the candidates will be made on 13-17 July.

Attachment placement

right of registration kazanVacancies for additional placement for unsuccessful candidates will be announced on 6 August. Placement results will be announced on August 10, after the applications for vacancies are received on August 13-14.

Right of registration in the additional placement process kazanRegistration will be held on 17-21 August.

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