Turkish Brand Exporting Transformers for Rail Systems to the World

Turkish brand exporting transformers for rail systems to the world
Turkish brand exporting transformers for rail systems to the world

Directing its sector with its R&D supported and high quality transformers, Elektra Elektronik offers high value added solutions to railway projects.

Production capacity, number of employees and in terms of export ratio is the leading firm in low-voltage transformer and reactor sector in Turkey Elektra Electronic transformer production and plays an important role in the railway sector. Transformers of Elektra Elektronik used in rail system projects are designed and produced in Turkey by Turkish engineers in accordance with European standards. Elektra Electronic transformers used in numerous projects in Turkey, which is a reference to the world in high-speed trains are preferred as intense in China.

Elektra Elektronik, which was established 40 years ago to produce transformers (transformers) and exports electronic products with domestic and national transformers to nearly 6 countries in 60 continents, is also attracting great interest in the railway sector with its advanced technology transformers. Among the company's rail system transformer product groups; There are isolation transformers, mains and catenary isolation transformers and technical building riser and reducer transformers.

Produced by transformers of trains in Turkey, it drew the attention of China

the transformer industry's leading brand offering high value-added solutions for railway projects Elektra Electronic products producing in Turkey and ranks with the transformer under many cars are in use. Attracting the attention of China with its experience in the sector and the quality of its transformers, Elektra Elektronik is also preferred in China's railway projects, which is the reference for the world in high speed trains. Among the railway reference projects of Elektra Elektronik in our country; Konya-Ankara high-speed train line, IKZ (Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak) line, İZMİR (Selçuk-Çamlık) line, EKB (Eskişehir-Kütahya-Balıkesir) line, SAKA (Samsun-Kalın) line, BAME (Bandırma-Balıkesir- Menemen) line, GSM-R (Kayseri-Sivas-Çetinkaya) line, BAŞKENT RAY line, Ankara North Sincan line, Ankara high-speed train maintenance center and Thrace (Edirne-Uzunköprü Tekirdağ-Pehlivanköy) stations.

Transformers in accordance with European standards and CE marked

Transformers used in the feeding units of the signaling system of the moving train are designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers of Elektra Elektronik within the borders of our country. Electra Electronic transformers that stand out with their high magnetic permeability iron core, copper or aluminum winding, low loss, high efficiency, maximum isolation level, silent operation and vacuum varnishing for protection against moisture, ISO 9001 Quality in accordance with European standards. It is produced under the Management System. Elektra Electronic transformers produced with advanced technology; offers solutions for high product quality, energy quality, feeding and compensation needs.

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