Normalization Process Starts at AŞTİ

The process of normalization started in asthma
The process of normalization started in asthma

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, after the travel restriction in March 2020, the Metropolitan Municipality Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ), which provided limited service, started a normalization process as of June 1. With the opening of bus companies and the abolition of travel restrictions, AŞTİ re-started, and hygiene measures for the health of passengers were increased. Cleaning and disinfection work continues in AŞTİ, whose asphalt is renewed.

Continuing its active fight against the coronavirus epidemic throughout the capital, the Metropolitan Municipality has increased its measures in the Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ), where the passenger traffic started, with the disappearance of the travel restriction as of 1 June.

In AŞTİ, which provides limited service since March, hygiene measures prioritizing the public health have been increased to a higher level, while cleaning and disinfection studies have been emphasized.

A hygienic front plan for public health in AŞTİ

In AŞTİ, which started to serve with its renewed asphalt, security measures were increased, and fire measurements of passengers were also started with 2 thermal cameras placed on the entrance and exit floors and fire meters.

While the passengers who are taken in with their hand disinfectants are directed to the ticket offices, Metropolitan Municipality, which realizes the practices that prioritize the public health in AŞTİ, continues the disinfection process in the terminal areas, as well as detailed cleaning and disinfection. BUGSAŞ Security and Ankara Police teams frequently warn citizens to comply with the social distance rule.

AŞTİ Police Chief Salim Uludağ noted that all the necessary precautions were taken for the health and safety of the citizens and gave the following information:

“After accepting our citizens who pass through thermal cameras at AŞTİ gates and have no problems, we direct them to the offices in the terminal and get their tickets. We want our incoming guests to maintain social distance in terms of security at the terminal. The terminal's disinfection processes continue at regular intervals. After getting on the bus, we check whether the guests comply with the social distance rule and whether they have masks. As Metropolitan Municipality, we distribute it free of charge to our citizens who do not have a mask and disinfectant. ”


Citizens and businesses, who came to AŞTİ after the travel restriction was lifted, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the measures taken, especially the hygiene rules:

-Serkan Otyakmaz: “I came to AŞTİ to go to my hometown and as far as I can see, the rules are followed and I am very satisfied with the cleaning works. I was relieved. ”

-Cafer Avcı: “I pay attention to social distance rules as much as I can. The coronavirus cases have been on the decline recently, I believe we will get rid of it if we are careful. I would like to thank our municipality, who is disinfected and provides cleaning here. ”

-Faruk Çefir: “First of all, I wish it to be beneficial to the sector. In addition to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, our company completes the disinfection processes of the vehicles before they start their flights and distributes their masks to the captains. Our vehicles are disinfected immediately after the expeditions are completed. ”

-Süleyman Gök: “We have taken our precautions to protect our passengers at a distance of 1,5 meters and we apply this. The measures taken by our Metropolitan Municipality make us comfortable and thank you for both us and our passengers. ”

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