The distance between Yildiz Mountain Ski Center and the Airport will be shortened

The distance between the star mountain ski resort and the airport will be shorter
The distance between the star mountain ski resort and the airport will be shorter

Work has begun on the construction of the connection road between Yıldız Mountain - Hot Çermik and the Airport. With the participation of the Governor Salih Ayhan, the first stage of 57 km was given in the project of 17 km in total.

Examining the project area, Governor Salih Ayhan, who received information from the Highways Sivas 16. District Directorate and contractor company officials, then prayed with the participants at the entrance of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center.

Attractiveness of the Region Will Increase

Stating that Sivas will win another important project, Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan said; "Sivas, Turkey's youngest ski resort since 2013. The shining star of our public institutions, our citizens was introduced into service by touching the stitch our workers. Another dream comes true. The connection road between Sivas's shining star and Hot Çermik excites me very much like all Sivas people. With the completion of the project, the attraction of this region will increase even more. ” said.

Reminding that the road was included in the tourism road network with the Yıldız Mountain - Hot Çermik and Airport connection in 2015, Governor Ayhan said, “After the project and approval process, we started by cutting our victim today. I thank everyone who contributed to the long term preparation period. We would like to thank our past Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, our past and present Transport Ministers, our Minister İsmet Yılmaz, our Deputies and everyone who contributed to the project, which has accelerated the process with the instructions of our President, who attended our city on February 8, 2019. I am very excited about this project, the local people are very excited. With the completion of this project, the shining star of Sivas will be in a position that has made a name in our country and will have covered a very important distance. ” He expressed.

The Shining Star of Sivas Will Continue To Gain Value

Stating that it was very meaningful to start the project as of June 1, the first day of normalization, Governor Ayhan said, “Although it is a difficult and challenging region in terms of geography, the approach of the people of the region, ownership of the business and making sacrifices for the completion of the project as soon as possible makes everything easier. While continuing to work on the one hand, expropriation work will continue. At this point, I believe that they will support us and approach them reasonably. The shining star of Sivas will continue to appreciate. ” spoke in the form.

Governor Ayhan; “Work has started at a fast pace in the first stage, 17 km. Preparatory work continues at other stages. I hope we will finally finalize our project without any hesitation and without any trouble. Our infrastructure rehabilitation and recreation studies continue in our hot cermic region. We will bring this region to the agenda of the country and the world together with our important projects and promotions such as Altınkale. ” He completed his words.



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