TCG will be deployed on the TCG ANATOLIAN Amphibious Assault Ship

tcg will be deployed to Anatolia
tcg will be deployed to Anatolia

President of the Turkish Presidency, Defense Industry. Dr. During the live broadcast he attended, İsmail DEMİR made statements about TCG ANADOLU Amphibious Assault Ship.

DEMİR emphasized that the delivery of TCG ANADOLU to the Turkish Navy is planned at the end of this year, but there may be a three or four month delay due to the pandemic. The F-35B was a somewhat spoken concept, but there was no serious order or finalized request at a time when the F-35B was already spoken. In this respect, we want to intensify our work on UAVs that are stationed on board.

This may be both a slightly modified version of the existing UAVs, and we think that unmanned platforms with jet engines, which we do not want to give much details here in various sizes, but capable of landing and taking off on the ship, and which will also have the ability to strike when needed, should be deployed on a ship like ANATOLIA. Because this is a must have if you want to increase your operational power. A variety of combat elements will be located on a ship such as ANATOLIA, and there will be landing ships and helicopters. But we think that it is imperative to add a system in terms of air power, in this sense, preliminary studies have been started. Our aim is to deploy various types of armed / unarmed aircraft of various sizes and capabilities on the ANADOLU ship. Maybe we will not be able to see this in the first days of the ship's operation, but he can say that the studies and preliminary analyzes are continuing in this regard. ” found comments.

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