Self Adhesive Membrane Move from Aktaş Holding

Self adhesive adhesive membrane from aktas holding
Self adhesive adhesive membrane from aktas holding

companies having the largest market share in the sector in Turkey with Lineflex brand, offering a new generation of end-tech insulation solutions product line, carrying the first in the industry was able to add the self-adhesive EPDM membrane products.

Aktaş Holding, which is among the world leaders with the brands it has in the sectors in which it operates, continues to play a leading role with all of its brands within the scope of its global vision.

AK-İZO Insulation Systems, which is the first and leading manufacturer of our country in the production of EPDM membrane in Aktaş Holding's Construction Group, has added the self-adhesive EPDM membrane product, which is the first in the sector, to its latest technology product offering new generation insulation solutions.

Lineflex brand as having the largest market share in Turkey and innovative products respectively in the first half of the companies in the sector qualifications, he still managed to create an important difference with this move.

Expectations will be redefined

Providing information about the newly developed product, Aktaş Holding Chief Executive Officer İskender Ulusay said, “With the self-adhesive EPDM membrane we have developed with Lineflex brand, application will be much easier and time will be saved. In addition, due to the application technique, water insulation problems that occur over time will be eliminated. Both horizontally and vertically; Extra bonding costs have been saved with this new product that can provide long-lasting isolation on roof, facade, stream, gutter, hidden stream, curtain and press lath. Therefore, we aim to redefine expectations with the self-adhesive EPDM membrane. ”

Protecting water resources in Turkey

Ak-Iso's; from the foundation to the roof, up to the front terrace and pond base by offering many different fields of application of waterproofing solutions in our country and sector, underlining that provide significant added value in this area Ulusay, Turkey in the preservation of many parts of the water supply Lineflex products that preferred technology focused on developing new products He added that they would continue.

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