Maskematic Placed In Izmir District Courthouse

Mascara was placed in Izmir District Courthouse
Mascara was placed in Izmir District Courthouse

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its maskematic application to facilitate the access of citizens to the medical mask. Following the metro stations, ferry ports and mobile mascemics located in certain parts of the city, a maskematic was placed at the entrance of the Regional Court of Justice.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality carried the maskematic application, which it started in the context of combating the coronavirus epidemic, to the Izmir Regional Court of Justice. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the mobile masematic application in places where there is no metro after the mascemics it placed on the metro stations and ferry piers, also placed a maskematic at the entrance of the Izmir Regional Courthouse in Konak district. Access to the medical mask will be facilitated by judges, prosecutors, lawyers and many staff working in the court. Employees can read Izmirim Card and get them free of charge from the mask pack containing 5 masks every seven days. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality next week Bayraklı He will also place a maskematic in his courthouse.

Where are you?

Citizens living in the center of Izmir are masked at 17 metro stations and Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, Konak can be accessed from the masculinas on the ferry ports, to the park next to the Şirinyer İZBAN station in Buca, from the entrance of Çiğli İZBAN station and from the mobile mascemics located in front of Gaziemir Dokuz Eylül Mahallesi Park. By showing the Izmirim card, Izmir residents can get it from the package containing five masks. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to manufacture masks in the fight against epidemic. A total of 2 million masks, of which 240 million 4,5 thousand were produced at the Vocational Factory, were delivered to the public.

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