Last chance to own Porsche in PETLAS ad

Last chance to have a Porsche in Petlas ad
Last chance to have a Porsche in Petlas ad

PETLAS, the leading company of the Turkish tire industry with local capital, offers its consumers a Porsche Cayman with a tire purchase of 500 TL. kazanIt offers a chance. The last days of the campaign, which will last until June 30, have been entered.

PETLAS's lottery campaign, which offers its consumers the chance to own a Porsche, has entered the last days. PETLAS customers are entitled to one participation in the Porsche 30 Cayman lottery for each 2020 TL worth of tire they purchase from PETLAS until 500 June 718. kazanhe's eating.

Turkey is the leading provider of domestic capital Petlas the tire industry, highlighting the brand competitive in quality, performance, referring driving safety features such as a humoristic way "Summit Target Now!" A red Porsche 718 Cayman car was used in the commercial. With the raffle campaign, it offers consumers the chance to own a similar car.

Hibya News Agency

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