Kocaeli Traffic Will Be Managed From A Single Center

Kocaeli traffic will be managed from a single center
Kocaeli traffic will be managed from a single center

Marmara Municipalities Union and Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Prof. Tahir Büyükakın visited Traffic Management Center, which was established in Kocaeli, supported by local and national software, where all aspects of transportation will be managed and controlled from a single center.

AK Party Kocaeli Provincial President Mehmet Ellibeş, Kocaeli Provincial Police Chief Veysal Tipioğlu, AK Party Izmit District President Ali Güney also accompanied President Büyükakın in the Traffic Management Center review established in the Izmit SEKA Park area. Mayor Büyükakın, which includes the Electronic Supervision System (EDS) elements and made a statement after the center, which will allow Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Police Department to serve in a coordinated manner, said: According to him, a system in which very strong data will be delivered to decision-makers will be established. In a sense, we manage the nerve endings of the traffic and make their maps. ”


Gökmen Mengüç, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ahmet Çelebi, the Head of the Transportation Department, and President Büyükakın received detailed information on the work of the center in the examination, which also included the technical team. Management center that will include signalization management system, traffic cameras, density sensors, density maps, video message system, radar and variable traffic signs management, public transportation management screens, tram line monitoring, traffic police, service vehicles control, disaster and crisis management elements, it will contain many features that can meet a very important need in the city. It will be a center where traffic intensity on all major roads, especially the D100 and D130, located on the intercity crossing route, remote control of signalized intersections, dangerous cargo and crossing of heavy vehicles.


Mayor Büyükakın, who has gained the knowledge that this center, which has come to fifty percent of the installation, which will work together with 12 operators that will work together with different units, will develop with inter-institutional coordination, said: “The Traffic Management Center also uses all systems related to traffic as well as managing it. It is important. This is actually a point you can think of as the brain of public transport, parking lots and traffic vehicles. Although all of our systems and nearly 250 intersections are connected here, they can be managed from this center. Again, all of the cameras in public transportation are connected here. With the deployment of EDS cameras in the upcoming process, all of them will also be connected here. This center; It will be a center where we can take a snapshot of the entire city, see where traffic jams and where it occurs, and accordingly, it will deliver very powerful data to the decision-makers. In a sense, we will follow and manage the nerve endings of traffic from here. ”


Noting that it will provide data to traffic management units with the number and types of vehicles passing traffic density through bluetooth sensors installed on D100 and D130, President Büyükakın said, “When we say Smart Cities, an integral component is smart transportation systems. This is the first step of that smart transportation system in our city. In this way, our Metropolitan Police and Transportation departments and our Police Department will have the opportunity to work together. This center has a very important infrastructure especially in terms of strengthening the hand of our Police Department and making traffic measures stronger. ”


Mayor Büyükakın, who received the information that the drivers who should not use this road will be warned and will be punished in case of using the Gabarifer Bilge Bulvarı power plant slope intersection, and said, “We had a Video Message System (VMS) at the intersection of the power plant that was introduced to the press recently. We took many measures in that area. In this sense, we thank our Police Department. The place came and the team kept the car in that area. But we were not able to do this for 24 hours. Now, through the sensors we put there, we can recognize the plate for twenty-four hours. As soon as we detect that the vehicle, which is above a certain height and should not pass, passes from there, our safety friends working in a separate office next door also apply a penalty for that vehicle. Punishment is a very deterrent process in this sense. When this system is seated in the future, we will have the opportunity to control and manage all traffic violations, red light, speed and parking violations in the city. ”


President Büyükakın, who continued his explanation by saying, “At the same time, we will have a very serious data set for crossroads arrangements,” said: “Because the system counts on one hand, how many vehicles pass from which point and at what times. These numbers are very important for us to manage the traffic and set the junction standards. We will also have a data set in terms of managing logistics traffic. At which times we will release logistics traffic. In which hours we will ban, what kind of vehicles will enter, and which will not, we will carry out all of them in great coordination. I would like to thank all his team, especially our Police Chief, for their support and cooperation in the creation of this beautiful work. ”


"I think that Smart Transportation is an important step in order to be a happier city we have always dreamed of," said Mayor Büyükakın. "Traffic Management Center is a very important investment in this area. Because a software that works by talking with this system that will be created in the upcoming process will show us where the parking lot is located in the city, where the traffic is congested and which roads are open. It will work with a much more serious data infrastructure in applications such as Yandex and Google Maps currently used. In this way, if traffic jams at one point, we will also receive traffic guidance suggestions that are open in another. This will provide both the traffic teams of the Metropolitan Municipality and the Police traffic teams a very serious opportunity for the management of the system in terms of the management of the system. Of course, the indirect contribution of this will be security related processes. Once again, I thank all my friends and our friends who are in safety. ”


Kocaeli Provincial Police Chief Veysal Tipioğlu said, “The Traffic Management Center will contribute a lot in the regulation of traffic. I think that, by evaluating the data sources of our Metropolitan Municipality and the data sources of our Police at the same time, it will close a very important gap in terms of preventing these accidents and controlling the traffic. It became a Traffic Management Center that suits Kocaeli. As stated by our president to further develop from here, EDS infrastructure will benefit the Kocaels at the point of service by developing other infrastructures. In this sense, we express our gratitude to our Metropolitan Mayor who supported our Police Department, ”and completed his statements.

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