Infrastructure Ready for Covid-19 Vaccine

Infrastructure ready for covid rebel
Infrastructure ready for covid rebel

Covidien-19 vaccine traversing significant progress in basic research, which started its experimental animals Turkey, pre-clinical research in more efficient infrastructure installation for use on the move. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, performing a critical visit to Turkey, the only vaccine institute, studied in situ studies. head to head with Turkey's scientific world, even while underlining that do work can pass them beyond Ministers Varank, "Covidien-19 we conducted the results we have achieved by working within the framework of Turkey Platform brought quickly into clinical research level we want to make the brand work will be a pioneer in Turkey in the world . " said.


Minister Varank paid a visit to the Sıhhiye campus of Hacettepe University. During his visit to Varank, Hacettepe University Rector Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Haluk Özen and TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal accompanied. Hacettepe University Vaccine Institute Director, who is also a member of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee. Dr. Serhat Ünal made a presentation to Minister Varank on the work of his institute.


Institute Director Unal, the vaccine is at Hacettepe in Turkey's sole institute, said the institute Vaccine Studies Department, Technology Department Vaccine and Immunization Policy Department told us that they act as a Master of Science. Unal, he gave Varank information about clinical vaccine studies in Turkey.

After the presentation at the cultural center, Varank and his accompanying people went to the institute and followed the work done there. Evaluating the visit, Minister Varank said:

WE WILL USE EFFECTIVE: We listened to our evaluations about the vaccination institute from our teacher Serhat. We got information about the center. What's Hacettepe University in Turkey relating to clinical trials that we do listen. It was an efficient visit. This laboratory has a history of 4-5 years, but there are some problems with its efficient use. After that, we visited our university to use this established infrastructure more effectively in vaccine development studies.

WE WILL GIVE SUPPORT FROM OUR HAND: We will give our utmost support to it usable for all scientific research in Turkey where the infrastructure both within the framework of Turkey Covidien-19 Platform. Also TÜSEB (Turkey Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health Department) began to be used here also actively participate in the project.

WE ARE PROUD: Turkey is carrying out very good work in terms of dealing with Covidien-19 in the scientific field. We have studies that can deal with the world or even go beyond them. We are proud when we see the talents of our scientists. We endeavor to give them our support. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we will use this infrastructure, which was established with our supports, in the vaccination studies in our country.

WE TRUST OUR SCIENCE PEOPLE: Clinical studies that come after basic research are very critical in projects that concern this type of human health. Covidien-19 outcomes we have achieved with our work in the framework of Turkey Platform we also want to make the brand a pioneer in bringing Turkey to the world of work will be fast clinical research level. We trust our scientists. I hope we get good results.


Varank Ministers, later in the same campus Hacettepe University Doping Control Center visited Turkey. Director of the Center Dr. Ali Haydar Demirel informed Varank about the work of the center. Professor Stating that the center is one of the 26 laboratories in the world, Demirel said that they have a serious R&D potential in improving athlete performances.

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