Disinfection in Public Transportation Vehicles in Antalya

Disinfects in public transportation vehicles in Antalya
Disinfects in public transportation vehicles in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality does not give up the measure during the normalization period. It regularly disinfects in public transportation vehicles against the corona virus.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which took every precaution during the intense period of coronavirus epidemic, does not leave the measure in the new normalization period.

Metropolitan Municipality continues its measures for public health in public transportation vehicles. Transportation Planning and Rail System Department regularly cleans the buses and trams providing public transportation services in Antalya and disinfects them against bacteria and viruses. Transportation vehicles are subjected to detailed disinfection processes with cold ULV (Fine Spray) machine as well as internal and external cleaning works.


With the drugs approved by the Ministry of Health, the outer surface of the vehicles, the metal plastic surfaces of the vehicles and the entire interior area are sterilized by spraying every day. It is aimed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by disinfecting the public transportation vehicles used by thousands of people during the day. The buses and trams that have undergone disinfection processes then go on their flights to be offered to the citizens.

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