Details of Face to Face Compensatory Education for Private Education Institutions Announced

Details of face-to-face compensatory education are explained for private education institutions
Details of face-to-face compensatory education are explained for private education institutions

Ministry of National Education made a last minute compensation education statement. It has been announced that private schools will undertake face-to-face compensatory training for less than 15 weeks after August 3th. The details of compensatory education have become clear today.

We shared our statement with the letter sent to the 15 Provincial Governorships on a date determined by the private education institutions as of August 2020, 81 and that they could make compensation, completion and compliance training for at least three weeks.

The details of the application are as follows;

1. The date specified as 15 August 2020 is set as the earliest date for private schools to start face-to-face compensation education. In line with this calendar, each private education institution will determine the start date and duration of face-to-face compensation, completion and adaptation training, with a minimum of three weeks, taking into account the needs of its students.

2. Every private school will start face-to-face compensation education;

  • a. In the working calendar prepared by the school administration and approved by the governorship, the opening date determined by the school for the 2020-2021 academic year,
  • b. In the school parenting meeting held with the participation of the parents of the students, the date of decision for face-to-face compensation education, taking into account the holiday return dates
  • c. Annual leave dates of administrators, education personnel and other personnel working in the private school,
  • D. The date determined by the school service companies that will provide students with transportation to the school for this service,
  • to. By measuring how much students benefit from the distance education applied by private school, private schools will be able to determine the start date of face-to-face compensation education differently according to the course hours of the required face-to-face compensation education.

3. The opening, intermediate holidays and closing dates of private schools may be on the dates determined by the Ministry for official schools; Article 5580 of the Law No. 6 on Private Education Institutions; “The curriculum and weekly course schedule to be applied in institutions are determined within the framework of the procedures and principles applied in official institutions. If it is deemed appropriate by the Ministry, different education programs and weekly course schedule can be applied. ” With the provision of the 10th article of the Ministry of National Education Private Education Institutions Regulation; “Although it is essential to apply the annual work schedule for official schools in schools, a separate work schedule can be arranged if accepted by the governorship.” If it is deemed appropriate by the governorship of the province where the private school is located, it can also be applied outside the working schedule determined by the Ministry for official schools.

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