Critical Transportation Meeting at Istanbul Governorship

Critical transportation meeting in Istanbul governorship
Critical transportation meeting in Istanbul governorship

Istanbul Public Transport Scientific Committee and Public Transport Support Commission meeting was held in the Governor's Tulip Hall in coordination with the Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya.

The meeting, chaired by Governor Yerlikaya, was attended by the members of the Public Transportation Scientific Committee and the Transportation Support Commission, the relevant Deputy Governors, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials, the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, the Provincial Police Department, the Provincial Hygiene Committee, the IETT and the Metro Istanbul officials.

As part of the efforts to combat coronavirus pandemics, views and suggestions regarding the measures to be taken in public transport activities in Istanbul in the new normal period were evaluated at the meeting.

On behalf of the Public Transportation Science Board Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı made a presentation on the work done by the Support Commission and the Board members.

Governor Yerlikaya, in their evaluations regarding the meeting; Our Istanbul Public Transport Scientific Committee and Public Transport Support Commission, established in early April, displayed a very important and detailed study of public transportation in our city.

In the studies, the issues to be taken and applied in the scope of the measures to combat coronavirus in public transportation vehicles in the land, sea and rail systems in our city were determined.

Population density and transportation capacity of our Istanbul constitute a very important place in our country's fight against pandemics.

For this reason, we examine every issue carefully and take our precautions accordingly, in order to prevent the number of cases in our province from rapidly decreasing and there is no return from the distance we have taken so far.

In the light of the evaluations and scientific data; We will present the measures to be applied in public transportation vehicles such as minibuses, minibuses, shuttle vehicles, buses, sea buses, metrobuses, trams and metro for the information and evaluations of our members at the Istanbul Hygiene Council.

Hopefully, as in every field, we will apply the social distance and hygiene rules decisively in public transportation and we will try to protect our people from the Covid-19 epidemic. ” used expressions.

Istanbul Sanitary Assembly; The land, sea and rail system will meet tomorrow under the chairmanship of Governor Yerlikaya to evaluate the measures to be implemented in public transport.



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